[10Asia] ‘Solo debut’ Yong JunHyung, Is there anything he can’t do?


Where’s Yong JunHyung’s limit? ‘It’s hard for me to deal with’. In 2011, Yong JunHyung appeared on MBC ‘Radio Star’ as a BEAST member and was revealed to be the highest earner among them. He revealed, “It’s to the extent that it’s difficult for me to deal with (that amount of copyright fees),” in regards of his producing skills. In December 2013, Yong JunHyung brought his own music to light, making his way as a solo singer.

Yong JunHyung released his first solo album ‘Flower’ on the 13th December, blowing the signal to signify the start of his activities as a soloist. On the same day, Yong JunHyung performed his first ever solo stage on’Music Bank’. Despite performing alone, he filled the stage with presence. Yong JunHyung had already proven his composing skills with BEAST’s second full album ‘Hard to love, How to love’. This time round, he’s solidifying his own colors through a new solo album composed and made all by himself.

In fact, upon BEAST’s debut, Yong JunHyung showed a different vibe than the other members. There were cuteness (Yang Yoseob), eye-smiles and muscular abs (Lee Kikwang), warm Oppa role model (Yoon Doojoon), Arabian hottie (Son Dongwoon), sexiness (Jang Hyunseung), in which all of them seems to carry a ‘bright’ feel. But Yong JunHyung seemed to be ‘dark’. We don’t mean that ‘dark’ is negative, but something indescribable about Yong JunHyung that emits off a subtle aura.

His rapping style is different from the usual idol rappers as well.  Unlike a clear-cut rap, Yong JunHyung goes with a chewy-style rap as he extends the end of the rhythm slightly, successfully giving his raps a different color as he rides smoothly with the flow of the rhythm. When he’s off-stage, Yong JunHyung is known as ‘Fat Tongue’ and his murmuring way of pronunciation. But when he raps, his pronunciation becomes different, and that’s a wonder. His gaze changed. As he looks straight into the camera, his gaze fuses with slight laid back look showed a free-spirited young man as he dances slightly different from the overall framework.

용준형 ‘플라워’ 무대And that ‘darkness’ and subtle charms are none other than the music he wears. For this solo promotions, Yong JunHyung’s title track ‘Flower’ has a somehow simple yet fantasy-like electronic piano sound. And we could feel Yong JunHyung’s subtle vibe from this song. In the later part of ‘Flower’, the saxophone sound made the whole song even maturer and it reflects a refined side of Yong JunHyung.

The poetic lyrics as in contrast with the music video reminisces viewers of a funeral ceremony. It’s also made up of some unconventional scenes especially where his head fell off onto the ground. At the same time, it expresses Yong JunHyung’s type of darkness and emotions. When Yang Yoseob was promoting his solo song, ‘Caffeine’ which is composed by Yong JunHyung, he lend his emotional raps and once again, we felt the colors of Yong JunHyung. Yong JunHyung’s charms did not stop at ‘Flower’ only. ‘Anything’ (feat G.NA) brought out Yong JunHyung’s vocals and ‘Slow’ emphasized on electronic piano sounds, all in which allows JunHyung’s charms to shine further.

In fact, Yong JunHyung has developed through ‘Flower’ stage. His self-confidence flows throughout the performance. When the camera is on him, his gentle gaze yet strong charisma that sets on the camera captures everyone’s attention. Despite performing all 3-minutes alone with all raps and singing, he showed no signs of exhaustion. Dancers also helped out in putting up a glamorous performance. Staying inverted or upside down, they have showcased various B-Boy techniques to decorate the stage. Despite only having one main character on stage, the overall picture looked grand and glamorous, a performance where one couldn’t blink for a second. And the gaze Yong JunHyung has have changed.

Debuted as a member of BEAST in 2009, Yong JunHyung took his first step as an actor in 2013 with tvN ‘Monstar’ and produced BEAST’s second full length album. Now, he has his eyes set on becoming a singer-writer with a solo album to call his own. From a BEAST member, to composer, producer, actor and a solo artist. Yong JunHyung is indeed a person with lots of greed!

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: 10Asia


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