[Star News] Rain concluded MV shoot for title track today.



Soloist Rain has been reported to have successfully concluded his MV shoot for two new songs on the 14th.

Agency Cube DC have revealed that the starlet was undergoing a shooting session from the 10th to 14th December in preparation for his upcoming title track from his new album.

According to the agency, there are two nominated title tracks, and both of their MV are of different and distinctive concept. Cube DC spoke to Star News today, “We have yet to decide, whether to choose one of these songs or both as title tracks. We are still discussing whether to film an MV for other tracks (which are not the nominated title track). We will gradually carry out future plans starting with the remaining second half recordings and mastering works.”

It has been revealed that Rain recorded for the videos overnight. Despite that, he did not show any exhaustion, but instead, he cheered and supported the production staffs, according to a representative. He continued, “The shooting lasted till dawn today. The weather was cold and even after he had ended his recordings, Rain continued monitoring without any rest. He really showed a professional look.”

Prior to his comeback, Rain has been putting all efforts not only into the album, but in the MV as well. Both MVs are different from each other in terms of concept. Rain will soon be putting yet another powerful performance on stage.

In January 6th next year, Rain will release a new album after a 4-years gap. In addition, Mnet will broadcast ‘Rain Effect’ on the coming 19th December that shows the whole process of Rain’s comeback  preparations. We will soon meet the honest side of Jung JiHoon behind all the glam and luxury through this broadcast.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News


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