[TV Daily] Wheesung strongly praised Jang Hyunseung for good vocals and diligence

장현승 휘성

BEAST Jang Hyunseung took on his first solo stage with a sexy performance, and had garnered strong praises from soloist Wheesung.

Guest appearing on KBS2 ‘Immortal Song’, prior to his first stage, Jang Hyunseung expressed his unusual nervousness, “It’s my first solo stage on broadcast.”

Jang Hyunseung then performed ‘Wedding Cake’ by 올라트윈폴리오, showing a fresh side of himself as he puts on a chic and perfect performance that gathered everyone’s attention.

Monitoring Hyunseung’s stage, Wheesung who was once a YG artist and a vocal teacher for many YG juniors, including Jang Hyunseung, expressed his thoughts, “In the past, Jang Hyunseung couldn’t sing to that level. Among my idol students like Big Bang’s Taeyang and Daesung, Jang Hyunseung was the most diligent student of all”, he praised.

He added on, “His performance stage is even sexier than Trouble Maker,” as he makes continuous praises to Jang Hyunseung. This episode will be broadcast on the 14th December.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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