[Joy News] Baek Seungheon, “Thanks to Representative Hong and BTOB Lee Changsub”

(Omitted unrelated parts)

Baek SeungHeon recently made a comeback with ‘Wait a Minute’. Behind his album, he had named a few person who he’s grateful for. It includes Cube Entertainment’s Representative Hong SeungSong as well as Starship Entertainment’s Representative Kim ShiDae, as well as other celebrity friends. Among them, Baek SeungHeon flaunted his close relationship with ‘closest friend’, BTOB’s Changsub as it was revealed that Changsub participated in the chorus part of ‘Wait a minute’.

“Representative Hong and Representative Kim are people who had gave much help to me so as to rise to this position today. Lessons were taught to me by these representatives. Changsub-hyung is my closest friend. Although we were trainees under different companies, we knew each other through acquaintance.  And since both of us are preparing to be singers, it seems like our friendship has become even more stronger. I made a request back then, ‘I’m going to release a new song soon, can you help me this time?’ and he agreed willingly. It’s a friend I’m really thankful for.”

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Joy News


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