[OSEN] Hyuna, “It’s all thanks to members who did well”

4minute’s ‘What’s Your Name’ charted #6 on overall digital charts, while the MV viewers click recorded at #7. Hyuna’s recent promotion with label mate Hyunseung, ‘Trouble Maker even took the #9 spot in the MV category.

In particular, Hyuna’s sexy performances further bring out the apex of music, as she promotes with a 19+ genre.

Towards this, Hyuna spoke with OSEN, “It’s because all of the members, they made my role possible,” and, “I like the overall of ‘What’s Your Name’. But if you look closely at the lyrics, there are many parts where we can relate to, so the song has a closer approach to listeners”, revealing the secret behind ‘What’s Your Name’ popularity.

She then talked about the popularity received by her duo group with BEAST’s Hyunseung, Trouble Maker, “I think it’s because we had received quite an amount of spotlight in our last promotion, so the anticipation has grown for our new promotions. It’s important to show our performance on stage. And because of that, it’s not only my efforts, but both of us as well as the cooperation with the choreograph team, which I think, had allowed us to show both our positions well,” she said.

Regarding her future goals, she expressed, “Just like now, prepare diligently and putting my best effort in my every position, I think this is my target”, she added.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN



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