[Star News] Shin JiHoon, “Being able to be both a singer and figure skater… I’m very happy”


SBS ‘KPOP STAR 2’ former contestant Shin JiHoon expressed her thoughts on being able to promote as a singer.

Star News met up with the starlet before she went up on stage for ‘MCountdown’ yesterday, and she said, “Although I’m nervous, I’m happy.”

She continued, “I’m happy for being able to promote as a singer” and, “This week would be my last week of activities. It’s quite regretful, but I’m going to have busier days as a figure skater, as I’m going to participate in a competition soon.”

“Quite often, I heard people saying, ‘why do you have the greed to do two things?’ but it’s because I love doing both activities”, she said and, “It’s like, I can’t give up 50% of my happiness”, she laughed.

Shin JiHoon made her debut with ‘Right There’ on October 16th and with a second digital track ‘Hurtful’ on November 22nd.

She will be concluding her activities on the 8th after ‘Inkigayo’ broadcast, and prepare diligently for a figure skating competition. She will make another comeback as a singer in the first half year of 2014.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: StarNews


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