[Asiae] ‘6 Colors’ BEAST, Meet these six guys who conquer the world!

BEAST in 2013. The six guys of BEAST have entered into their 5th year since debut, as well as becoming the hottest group in Korea. As they become more and more popular, so were their busy schedules, as a group as well as an individual. BEAST who has been rising as one of the top stars have met up with ‘Sports Today M (STM)’ for an interview today.

STM: There’s not many days left for this year, how was 2013 to BEAST? Please talk about any special memories or unforgettable moments.

Hyunseung: I think that the second half year of 2013 left strong memories to me. This is because I promoted as both a BEAST member as well as Trouble Maker in the second half year.

JunHyung:  Promoting with ‘Shadow’ was the most memorable thing for me. It’s a more meaningful album for me since I personally produced it.

Doojoon: For me, it’s that time where we make a comeback with our concert. Being able to sing new songs from a new album in front of many fans for the first time, it was really special and good.

Dongwoon: I think it’s a year where I’ve become slightly maturer. During this year’s promotion, we have somehow become affectionate with fans. Just like how we’ve prepared for the concert diligently, we felt the same extent of blissfulness and happiness.

Kikwang: It was a year where I can reflect on myself. Despite our long blank period, fans did not forget us, but continuously to give us love… That look of B2utys left the most impression on me.

Yoseob: I feel that the love we received from fans, because they gave big and deep love to us, we’re forever grateful to them. The most memorable memory for me, is definitely BEAST’s comeback concert! The moment we stand on stage, we saw a sea of rose lightsticks, and that moved me.

STM: Some of you participated in individual schedules. What are your thoughts on completing individual activities?

JunHyung: The album production as  well as drama shoot were done in parallel, so I was really busy and tired then. But, I’m proud as I seemed to have gained something.

Doojoon: Having to carry out individual activities seemed to be quite a special period to me. It’s a good opportunity to bring awareness to the group, so we do it with more efforts and more diligently.

Kikwang: It’s still a secret now, but I’m also preparing for an individual activity. I will work hard to show an amazing look of myself, so do anticipate!

Yoseob: My individual activities are more towards being a musical actor and appearing on variety shows. I was given opportunities to show a variety of my personalities, so I hope fans who feel sad for not seeing us in local activities be a little bit happier for me.

STM: Well, what do you have to say for other member’s individual activities?

Hyunseung & Junhyung: Doojoon-gun!

Hyunseung: Doojoon-gun’s sitcom was really interesting. It’s the only program I’ve monitored so far.

Junhyung: For me, it’s the drama ‘IRIS’ that left a strong impression. I wondered if the filled-with-jokes and noisy Yoon Doojoon-ssi would fill the atmosphere?

Dongwoon:  To be exact, when I watched Doojoon-hyung in ‘IRIS’, I thought to myself, ‘He’s quite handsome?’

Doojoon: I watched Yong JunHyung-gun’s ‘MONSTAR’ excitingly. It’s a different side of him, so it’s memorable to me.

STM: ‘If I were not a member of BEAST? What would I be doing right now?’

Hyunseung: Perhaps I would be a singer with a different name?

Junhyung: Even if i’m not a BEAST member, I think I would be producing music somewhere. I can’t imagine a Yong JunHyung without music. Haha.

Doojoon: During my younger days, it was my dream to be a PE teacher. Perhaps I would be working hard to achieve that dream?

Dongwoon: I think I will do good in my studies. A university sunbae who wants to be an international lawyer! That’s a little too ambitious, isn’t it?

Kikwang: Erm… Whatever it is, I think I would still be working harder for to sing on stage.

STM:  BEAST have been actively promoting overseas schedules, so what are your future plans?

Hyunseung: We will start our Japan promotions early next year. Of course, we will not forget about Korea activities. But our album release is still a secret~.

JunHyung: For the time being, all the members will be having individual schedules. We will work hard for our respective activities, so please look after us.

Dongwoon: Although we don’t have a concrete details, we will work hard to have an early comeback!

Yoseob: Wherever fans are, as long as they want for us there, we would want to find them and sing live for them. The moment when they’re happy, we feel happy too. This feeling is so precious to us. Not long ago, we held our fan meeting, and once again, we realized this feeling again. We will show a good look to avoid any disappointment for a very very long time together.

STM: If you were to choose ‘the happiest moment’ while promoting as BEAST, when would it be?

Junhyung: I think it’s those times when we fight fiercely towards a crisis. And also every moment when we have passed through it, those are my happiest moments.

Doojoon: Really, every time we feel happy, it would be when we’re in a crisis. If we’re careless at one thing, we would then go into crisis. So, we will work hard and have fun to overcome it, that’s really joyful. Even now too, we feel happy.

Dongwoon: I would like to say something a little personal. When we’re on stage and both ears are filled with cheers from everyone and whenever I see their faces, I would be thrilled.

STM:  What are your goals in 2014?

Hyunseung: There’s a lot of things I want to do, so I’m a little worried about it. I would want to see my look as a BEAST member and as individual to improve. First of all, we will greet everyone with a new album, and then I would want to challenge myself again in musicals, since ‘Mozart’ really left a memorable experience in me.

JunHyung: As a BEAST member, as Yong JunHyung, I want to show an obviously upgraded look in 2014. Since I have to show my many sides of myself. So, you will give your anticipation right?

Doojoon: I aim to create more awareness about us, so I will work hard to it. And also, B2utys whom we can’t leave out! I hope to spend closer moments with fans.

Dongwoon: I hope that all the members will be healthy. When you’re healthy, you can fulfill any goals, isn’t it?

Kikwang: I want to focus on both my personal dreams and promotions. I hope that the six of us will create an even more productive synergy when we gather together!

Yoseob: In 2014, I want to meet everyone more often, and with a better look. Every B2utys! Let’s be together for li~fe!

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source:  Asiae


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