[MBN] Interesting Read – A seemingly larger-sized fan meetings?

Stars meeting with fans at events have long existed in the history of idols. Fan meets started with first generation idols and this tradition still continues to this day. Recently, however, fan meetings have been seeing a growing trend, not only in numbers, but also diversity in activities and the overall scale of the event.

We often see idols  renting a theater-like venue, sit among the crowds as they share talks with them, perform in front of fans, as well as holding surprise events. But how are recent fan meetings? Although we call it a ‘fan meeting’, in reality, fan meets are held at a scale comparable to a concert.

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First of all, the venues where fan meets are held now has changed. Block B held their fan meet cum Showcase in Seoul Gwajangdong Uniqlo which fits 2,500 fans, BEAST in Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium, (and many other idols)

Venues have definitely grown in size. Reason is that they want to fit a larger stage as well as larger number of fans who attend the event. As an example, idol group BEAST recently held a fan meet on November 2nd which is titled ‘Merry Christmas!’. The members personally sang carol for fans to commemorate the early-celebrated festival. Moreover, soccer-enthusiast-dols Lee Kikwang and Yoon Doojoon challenged each other at a game of soccer. The members even gifted presents as well as delivering their handwritten letters to fans. And, comparable to a solo concert, the members performed many songs and spent almost 3 hours – a long period with fans.

(Mentioned Infinite’s fan meeting)

Ahn Hyojin, marketing team leader for Cube Entertainment spoke about the reason to such large-scaled fan meetings, “Fans are the reason to BEAST’s existence”, he answered. Despite the obvious answer, this one sentence perfectly answered BEAST members’ sincerity in preparing various events for the fan meet.

Ahn Hyojin continued, “Fan meeting itself is a fans-oriented event. Therefore, it’s an event where we must uphold fans themselves the most. Showing them their favorite performances, performances that drive their curiosity and many more, are a must during fan meetings”, he said. “During concerts, non-fans may come as well, but fan meeting itself has a different personality. Since fan meet is a place where those who actively support BEAST, we see it as services we have to give back to them. To BEAST as well, it brings a significance to them. Therefore we prepared them differently as well as working hard to provide even more ideas. And since we understand fans’ personalities, we have to work on it with much delicacy.”

Meanwhile, a representative of an idol group who requested to be anonymous expressed, “Usually fan meeting is a major event to be carried out every year. We can’t think that fans are always the same for each year, so we must be ever ready to give them a fresh look. It’s impossible to ignore and just prepare it naturally,” he reiterated.

He added, “Fan meetings today are not just events where stars and fans meet. But it’s a place where stars can express their grateful hearts to fans. In fact, it’s the most important event to raise number of fans.”

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: MBN


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