[OSEN] BEAST Yong JunHyung to make solo debut in December… Self-produced ALL songs

Popular boy group BEAST member Yong JunHyung will be making his debut as a solo singer.

Playing the role of producing in BEAST, Yong JunHyung will soon be debuting as a singer writer soon. Born in 1989, he has become the center of attraction for writing lyrics and composing skills, despite his age.

It was revealed that his new solo mini album is produced and written by Yong JunHyung, and through this album, it will portray Yong JunHyung’s emotional side as well as putting forward some sophisticated music.

In order to achieve his solo debut, Yong JunHyung had been diligently producing in both Korea and Japan, recently, his comeback period has been determined. Cube Entertainment expressed that he is currently in his final preparations prior to his December solo debut. The news was first known among broadcast stations. Yong JunHyung’s extraordinary writing and composing skills as well as his charisma that will fill the stage with presence will bring yet another ‘young singer-songwriter’ icon on stage, hence, there is high anticipation on his debut.

His producing skills have already been recognized by music fans. He ranked 0 when it comes to love calls from outsiders. Jang WooHyuk, Kim WanSun and many more worked with him before. Last year too, he produced the solo track ‘Caffeine’ for member Yang Yoseob, and had charted #1 on music charts.

Last summer, every track on BEAST’s second full album was composed and written by him, which brings BEAST to be known as a ‘self-producing group’. Pre-releases ‘I’m Sorry’  and ‘Will It Be Alright’ as well as title track ‘Shadow’ recorded good results on music charts, strengthening Yong JunHyung’s position as a music brand in the industry.

He also took on his first main lead in tvN drama ‘Monstar’ and with his upcoming solo debut, he will soon be an ‘all-weather idol’.

According to Newsen, the exact date for his solo debut has yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to be in mid-December. Also, a representative told Star News, “The recordings for his solo songs have been completed just recently. And we are just about to shoot for the jacket pictures and music video.”

Meanwhile, each BEAST members are currently busy having their personal schedules. Prior to Yong JunHyung’s solo debut, Yoon Doojoon holds a lead position in drama ‘Let’s Eat’ while Yang Yoseob appeared on MBC ‘I Live Alone’. Jang Hyunseung is now working with Hyuna with Trouble Maker’s title track ‘Now’, which is a also another hit on music charts.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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