[OSEN] BTOB successfully concludes Thailand promotions… Triple growth in fans

Idol group BTOB has proven their increasing popularity through their recent Thailand promotions.

BTOB had went to Thailand on 22nd November and returned to Korea on the 25th after completing Thailand promotions. During their trip this time round, BTOB appeared on a few broadcast stations as well as holding a press conference. They also spent a good time with about 2,500 fans during their second fan meeting with Thai fans, proving their intense popularity in Thailand.

On the 23rd, BTOB met up with fans for this second fan meet. The number of fans almost tripled the number of audience who attended their first fan meet. Moreover, it has been merely six months since their first fan meet.

BTOB held the fan meet for about two hours, giving short talks as well as opportunities to get closer with fans. Started with ‘Thriller’, they followed after with ‘WOW’, ‘Irresistible Lips’, ‘Second Confession’ and more, as well as revealing their first ever stage for ‘Catch Me’.

The members of BTOB sang to Thailand song ‘Second Chance’ as well, with member Im Hyunsik playing the guitar live, moving Thai fans that day. Moreover, local medias in Thailand that have went for the fan meet gave positive comments on their commendable capabilities and active interactions with fans, expressing a possible growth for BTOB in the future.

Meanwhile, BTOB have returned to Korea and will soon be holding their first fanclub (Melody) ceremony.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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