[News] BEAST Yoon Doojoon expressed his thoughts on ‘Let’s Eat’ Press Conference

BEAST member Yoon Doojoon, the main lead in upcoming drama ‘Let’s Eat’, has attended a press conference for the drama on 25th November today.

Yoon Doojoon plays a neighboring guy who stay next to Lee SooKyung. He’s a gourmet with an expressive description for food, which will make everyone fall for it. Although he has a fiend character and lies every time he talks about food, he’s a mysterious man that takes good and sincere care of others through his own actions.

Yoon Doojoon expressed his thoughts, “I felt that if one eats prettily, that person will be the main focus. But when one eats voraciously, it emphasizes on the food” and, “It’s my first time playing in a drama that focuses on food, so I feel that I had to eat it deliciously to fulfill that aspect.”

“It’s hard to express deliciously if you’re eating something tasteless, but fortunately, all the dishes prepared for this drama are really delicious. I start to anticipate upcoming dishes and I would get pretty excited whenever there are more dishes to be added to the new scripts,” and, “In the future too, I hope writer-noonas will take good care of me”.

Regarding ways on how idols manage their diet, Yoon Doojoon stated, “For us, we don’t really manage. Never once even till today. But if we exceed (our weight), we will try to control it. We love food a lot, so among ourselves, we would go to delicious restaurants” and, “Yang Yoseob, Son Dongwoon and I have similar taste in food. I think we went to all famous and delicious restaurants around Gangnam”, revealing his ‘food date mates’.

He added, “I’m not a person who can’t cook. I actually attempted cooking quite often,” flaunting confidence on his actual cooking skills. “When the members and I having similar thoughts, we would go to markets together and even cook too.” (Updated)

When asked if BEAST members gave their support to him, Yoon Doojoon revealed, “There’s none for this time as well. We don’t help much on each other’s personal activities”, he responded.

He continued, “It’s not that we don’t have a good relationship. It’s just that when I was filming for this drama, the rest of the members were busy as well. Kikwang went to Vietnam and took care of children, Yong JunHyung currently has some individual activities on his hands, Hyunseung in Trouble Maker, another friend is busy with his musicals while another is resting at home”, he explained.

Yoon Doojoon added, “BEAST members will say ‘it’s interesting’ when looking at other member’s in dramas they acted in. Either that, or we will only mentioned about it when we teased about their funny characters in the drama. It’s just to that extent (nothing more),” causing a sea of laughter during the press conference.

When asked what will be their possible reactions for this new drama, Yoon Doojoon replied, “Our members will be surprised, and since they love to tease each other, I think there will be some exciting responses.”

Member Yong JunHyung has been receiving the spotlight lately for his acting skills. Yoon Doojoon revealed, “I never thought of him as a rival. Instead, I think while he’s conducting his personal activities, it helps the group a lot in return.”

On another note, Lee SooKyung expressed her thoughts on working with 7-years-younger Yoon Doojoon, “My sibling brother is younger than me by 3 years old, but Yoon Doojoon is even younger than him by 4 years. It’s quite burdensome. But if you look at appearance, there isn’t really much difference,” which caused laughter during the press conference.

Lee SooKyung continued, “Yoon Doojoon is a considerate person. Despite the age difference, he’s very much mature and I learn a lot from him. Not only in dramas, but as a singer who’s always busy, he’s able to hide his tired side during shoots… he is really amazing,” praising Yoon Doojoon as well as showing her satisfaction for meeting a great partner. (Updated)

Yoon Doojoon and Lee SooKyung easily reminisces the public of a noona-dongsaeng couple relationship. Towards this, Doojoon said, “Just like how noona put it, there’s not much issues when it comes to appearance, so there isn’t any inconvenience. (laughs) In fact, although I referred her as ‘noona’, I felt that I gain abundant of positive energy during filming sessions,” delivering his grateful heart.

On this day, Yoon Doojoon chose Lee SooKyung over Yoon SoHee as his ideal type. “Lee SooKyung is closer to my ideal type,” and, “Yoon SoHee is quite a shy person while Lee SooKyung isn’t,” expressing his reasons.

He continued, “We share the same stylist team, so I heard a lot about her. Although she’s older than me, but she has a bright and considerate personality, so I have a great time shooting the drama with her.”

Meanwhile, Yoon SoHee expressed that she likes BEAST since their debut song.

When asked to choose her favorite member in BEAST, she answered, “This is really frustrating. But when I didn’t know each members then, Yoon Doojoon went on ‘Strong Heart’. As I watch that episode, I came to like Yoon Doojoon-sunbae,” creating a pink atmosphere during the press conference.

Regarding the ‘idol’ tag that follows Yoon Doojoon, he expressed, “I think of it as something that is bound to happen. I feel that the removal of such tag depends a lot on my own capacity. As such, I will work hard on my side” and, “There are idols that gained recognition. They are great and I think that they have these good traits I can learn from. I will work diligently till this tag diminishes,” showing his aspirations.

Meanwhile, ‘Let’s Eat’ will have its first episode aired on 28th November. It will be broadcast every Thursday at 11.10PM.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN , The Star (1) (2), CS Times, Financial News, SSTV (1)(2)


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