[CeCi] Shin JiHoon’s first pictorial!

Like a flower bud blossoming beautifully, figure skater and former ‘KPOP Star’ contestant Shin JiHoon has her reasons to anticipate what she will be facing in the future. Debuting soon with her digital single, she takes her first shoot with an excitement of a teenager.

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CECI: You’re really something. A normal person would find it hard to cope with one thing, but you, as a sixteen-years-old managed to realize two dreams already. What are your thoughts on officially debuting as a singer?

I’m still groggy at the fact that I will be debuting soon, as well as worries, but experience on ‘KPOP Star’ helped me a lot. Definitely I would tremble when I stand on stage again, but strangely, I like such nervousness. I went for auditions without any burden, so I feel that I will fit the stage as I stand on it. Also, I feel that it is an exciting experience to go after things that you want to do.

CECI: Appearing on ‘KPOP Star’, what does that mean to Shin JiHoon?

I learnt of the fact that many people are making their best efforts, shredding sweats just to achieve a goal. As I have the opportunity to achieve two dreams, I felt that I’m blessed, and in the future, I will work twice of that hard efforts.

CECI: I heard that you never had vocal lessons?

But everyone seems to like Shin JiHoon’s sad unique voice. As I was living a figure skater’s life, it felt like I suddenly fell into Wonderland. At first, when people get to know about me, they were amazed as well as having worries over me. So, I become cautious at my actions. I’m grateful still. I have yet to felt the reality, so everything is interesting to me.

CECI: Figure skating and the music scene, how different are these two field?

I actually started working out quite late. Coach-nim said that I started out too late. But giving up without trying isn’t Shin JiHoon’s style, so I am doing my best, a step at a time to be at that level. I’m the oldest in the figure skating world but as a singer, I’m still fresh and known as the ‘youngest’ and I’m happy about it.

CECI: BEAST Yong JunHyung composed your song and 4minute Heo Gayoon appeared in your music video. Your colleagues Oppa and Unnies involved (in your digital single) just for the ‘youngest’.

At first, it was really difficult for me. It’s my first ever work with an adult outside school. But they really gave their best, I’m really thankful to tears.

CECI: What type of song is ‘Right There’?

I think that this song is one that fits really well with my voice on first listen. It’s a song about separation. It’s a song that suits the winter season.

CECI: You’re yet to reach the age of experiencing breakups, so how did you immerse yourself into the character when you’re singing?

I don’t really that exact feeling but during the shoot of the MV, the accompaniment was so sad I almost cried listening to it. As a skater, too, acting is required as well. Through all these experience, I guessed my emotions flowed naturally through my voice for this song.

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CECI: I believe that some friends around you are quite avid fans of BEAST, they must be jealous of you. (Laughs)

There’s these happenings too, like ‘Why didn’t you tell me earlier’ or friends who want a signed CD from them.

CECI: Were there any interesting episodes during the recording with Yong JunHyung?

He gave a lot of suggestions on how to sing it, with what kind of emotions. The most memorable one would be… he said that at my age, if I listened to too much Pop songs, my English pronunciation may sound native but it could be awkward as well. He said that it’s better if we listen to all genres evenly. He asked me to contact him if I wanted to try out a new genre, but then, he left without giving me his contact details. (Laughs)

CECI: It seems like you’re spending your days quite busily. How’s your day lately?

I wake up early in the morning and go to the skating ring. After ending my practice, I would go to the hospital to have physical therapy. (CECI: Are you hurt right now?) It’s how athletes live their life, with one or two injuries. After that, I would go to school for about 2~3 hours of lecture, followed by lessons and recordings in the company.

CECI: No matter how one sees it, it must be hard for a petite-sized like you to bear this many schedules.

Living with a packed schedules from early morning till late nights, it can be physically exhausting. At times, I would like to eat with my friends, talk about celebrities and chat with them. But I’m under weight management now, so I have to pay attention on it at all times.

CECI: It looks like you’re good at self-management.

I had a chubby physique when I was young. As I work out, I became prettier and looking at the results, I felt achieved. In the future, I hope to feel achieved as a musician as well.

CECI: A small wish through this digital single?

If you search up ‘Shin JiHoon’ on portal sites, it’s written there ‘figure skater’ but I hope that the word ‘singer’ appears beside it. I want to be known to the public as a musician Shin JiHoon.

CECI: Try reaching out to a future Shin JiHoon?

Go to Pyeongchang Winter Olympic games, sing the national anthem, charting at #1 on Billboard chart. These seem too realistic. Erm… I don’t know if I could achieve it, but I will do it! (Laughs)

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: CeCi




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