[CS Times] Shin JiHoon ‘Hurtful’ “A medium tempo R&B… MV a hot topic”

Shin JiHoon’s ‘Hurtful”s digital single and MV has become a hot topic.

The SBS ‘KPOP STAR 2’ contestant Shin JiHoon has revealed her second digital single ‘Hurtful’ as well as its MV on the 22nd afternoon.

Title song ‘Hurtful’ is a medium tempo R&B produced by Brave Brothers and portrays the hurtful pain of a breakup.

The MV further moved viewers who set eyes on it as it shows the innocence of a first love story and its beautiful memories.

Child actors Kal SoWon and Lee HeeSung acted in the video and has gained loves from fans.

Also Shin JiHoon will be standing once again on broadcast station after her ‘KPOP STAR 2’ days. She will be meeting with music fans and viewers on stage, which has led to high anticipation.

Not long after the release, netizens commented, “Shin JiHoon’s ‘Hurtful’ is really good”, “Ths MV for ‘Hurtful’ is really a bittersweet one”, “Shin JiHoon’s ‘Hurtful’ is a jackpot” and various more responses.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: CS Times


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