[Sports Seoul] Shin JiHoon to release ‘Pain Pain’ on 22nd November

신지훈이 오는 22일 용감한 형제가 만든 두 번째 싱글곡 아프고 아프다를 발표한다. / 큐브DC 제공

SBS ‘KPOP Star Season 2’ contestant Shin Jihoon will be releasing her second digital single.

Last month, Shin JiHoon made her debut through debut track ‘Right There’ and will soon follow with a new digital song ‘Pain Pain’ (tentative title) on the coming 22nd. Shin JiHoon’s agency, Cube DC has revealed the teaser image for her upcoming new release on Twitter and Facebook on the 14th.

In the revealed picture, Shin JiHoon wore a unique yellow sweater, fully portraying her warm emotions. At the same time, her fantasy-like expression, make up and hairstyle further emancipated a mature vibe.

A representative of the agency expressed, “‘Pain Pain’ is a medium tempo R&B song produced by one of the best producers, Brave Brothers. It has a rich chorus line that reminisces of the glamorous feature of Gospel songs,” he explained.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Seoul


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