[TV Report] Lee Kikwang confirmed cast for new variety program ‘꼬꼬댁’

tvN is preparing for a new variety program. It was also revealed that BEAST member Lee Kikwang and actor Kim MinJun are confirmed as the new casts for this program that shares stories on multicultural families.

A representative of tvN spoke with TV Report on the 12th, “We are currently preparing for a program, titled 꼬꼬댁 교실 (direct translation: ‘Cackling Class’)” and, “Kim MinJun and Lee Kikwang will be appearing on the show.”

He further explained, “For now, we are just about to have our first shoot. Kim MinJun and Lee Kikwang will be travelling to Vietnam together with five multicultural children, whose father is a Korean and mother is a Vietnamese.”

According to the production crew, through ‘꼬꼬댁 교실’, the children will be able to experience a different culture from their mother’s side for ten days. Their parents will not be following them for this trip.

The production crew as well as the cast will leave for Vietnam on the 19th, while ‘꼬꼬댁 교실 is expected to be aired by end of next month.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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