[Ilgan Sports] Trouble Maker wins #1, First ever perfect score on ‘Inkigayo’

Trouble Maker (Hyunseung, Hyuna) is indeed something!

Trouble Maker has won first on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ 10th November broadcast with title track ‘Now’.

The sexy duo has been sweeping charts of all music programs. Starting since 6th November with their performance on ‘Show Champion’, ‘M Countdown’, ‘Music Bank’, ‘Music Core’ and even ‘Inkigayo’, they have dominated all charts with hit track ‘Now’. In particular, their scores in each category on Inkigayo were perfect full scores. Their scores, consisting of Digital score 6000, SNS 3500, Pre-vote 500, and Live Vote 1000, which brings the total to 11,000, fought off competitors Park JiYoon and Brown Eyed Soul.

On this day, Hyuna spoke on behalf of Trouble Maker as Hyunseung took off for another schedule, “We thank fans who have always given their support, which made us even more diligent (in our work). I want to thank our staffs too. In the future too, we will be a really hardworking Trouble Maker”, she expressed.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Ilgan Sports


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