[Newsen] BTOB Yook SungJae expressed thoughts over college entrance exams, “Thanks to Peniel…”

Yook Sungjae has expressed his thoughts on his sitting for college entrance exams.

On November 7th, the BTOB member went for his exams in Ogeum-Dong High school.

After the exam ended, Yook Sungjae revealed, “I was extremely nervous before sitting for it, but as I managed to solve questions, I became calmer and tried my best in answering them.”

He continued, “Still, it seems like I managed to demonstrate my skills in foreign languages, which is a subject I’m confident in. I wonder if my regular conversations with Peniel-hyung helped (in this examination)”, he added. BTOB member Peniel was born in America.

He also delivered his aspirations, “In the future, I will work hard for BTOB’s overseas promotions as well as showing an amazing look.”

Meanwhile on this day, Yook Sungjae revealed that he will not be enrolling in college the following year. He explained, “As a Higher 3 student, it’s my responsibility to complete college entrance examinations. But, I have decided to defer my college enrollment date. I will not go to university first because I want to focus on my activities as a singer for now.”

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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