[News] ‘Please Remember, Princess’ Nam JiHyun, “First leading character, I ask for your evaluation”

Nam JiHyun has expressed her will in her first drama where she holds the lead character.

In a press conference for mobile drama ‘Please Remember, Princess’, 4minute’s Nam JiHyun expressed, “It’s my first ever lead role, so it’s indeed a fact that I feel burdened.”

She continued, “It’s neither Sungyeol or my first drama. I heard that Sungyeol wanted to be in acting since his younger times. My greed for acting has already been about four years. It’s not impossible for me to act as a bubbly university student. Although I’m lacking in it, I shot the drama earnestly.”

She added, “If there’s any lacking, I will accept criticisms and grow by making changes. So I hope for your criticisms,” expressing a different aspiration.

Previously, a behind-the-scenes video was released and it was revealed that Sungyeol fell when he carried Nam JiHyun. Towards this, Sungyeol explained, “It’s because I have a weak body. Without realizing, I lost all my strength and fell on the ground together (with Nam JiHyun). There’s nothing I can say. I just feel sorry about it,” he said.

He continued, “Because of that incident, I’ve been working out diligently. In case if we have another scene like that in the future, I can do it confidently,” causing a sea of laughter during the press conference.

Nam JiHyun added, “(Him) Having a weak body may be a factor, but my heavy weight contributed to the incident as well. I felt sorry too and although my legs are in pain, I couldn’t show my expression. That said, after it ended, we took photos, so we had a great time shooting for the drama.”

Meanwhile, the 12-episodes drama will start its broadcast on November 4th onward. The Monday-Wednesday drama will be aired for 6 weeks with 10 minutes for each episode.


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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen Osen



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