[DongA] Hyuna to start China activities end of November

Earlier than America advancement… starts activities end of next month
“Although there are too many performance requests, we start from TV appearance first…”

Hyuna who has been the center of topic for her American advancement will be starting her activities in China market instead.

Recently released ‘Now’ as a member of project duo ‘Troublemaker’, Hyuna will be entering the China market after their promotions, which falls around end of November or early December.

It is revealed that Hyuna will be focusing on broadcast activities.

Agency Cube Entertainment expressed, “There are lots of request for performances or events but we will start step by step starting with TV appearances” and, “We are giving a serious thought for Hyuna’s appearance on CCTV, Hunan TV and more,” they revealed. The starlet has already received offers from a Chinese cosmetic company and a large advertising company in China.

Hyuna has been receiving overwhelming responses since July 2011 when her solo song ‘Bubble Pop’ was firstly released. The then ‘Bubble Pop’ went famous in America, Europe and many more countries, and even took the #1 spot on China’s largest music video site ‘YinYueTai’. Followed with ‘Melting’ and then ‘Troublemaker’, Hyuna has been receiving various requests to attend events or appear on TV  in China. Last year in May, a female singer in China even mimicked ‘Bubble Pop’ concept, where dances and outfits were similar with Hyuna’s, proving her popularity in China.

Meanwhile, Hyuna has recently released ‘Now’ alongside with BEAST member Jang Hyunseung, and is seeing a strong trend in sweeping major music charts.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: DongA


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