[Newsen] Troublemaker Hyuna blushes while she reveals, “I was shy during affectionate scenes with Hyunseung”

Hyuna and Hyunseung has revealed their thoughts over title track ‘Now’ MV.

Hyuna and Hyunseung will be having their first comeback stage as Troublemaker on MBC Music ‘Show Champion’ on the 30th October. Troublemaker has recently released title track ‘Now’ and has dominated various music charts not long after its release. In particular, they made headlines for their affectionate scenes in the music video.

When asked about Hyuna’s acting skills in the video, she revealed, “It was embarrassing” as her face turns red. Hyuna is already famous for her sexy charisma on stage as well as her very different shy personality when she’s off stage. She couldn’t even express her feelings in words for the interview today as she felt too shy about it.

Jang Hyunseung continued, “We felt really shy” and, “We promote together after about two years of hiatus and to shoot such affectionate scenes… we were both shy and awkward as well”, he shyly answered.

He added, “Still, we are under the same company, so we worked well with each other just like our previous promotion” and, “We will show an amazing look on stage.”

Meanwhile, although ‘Now’ was released 3 days ago, up till today (30th October), the sexy duo still have a perfect all-kill on charts. Moreover, their music video has surpassed the 5 million views, showing their unstoppable popularity domestically and internationally.

Fans are wondering as to how Troublemaker will take the stage today with their unique stage presence since like before.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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