[Star News] Trouble Maker ‘No Tomorrow’ composed by S.Tiger + 3,000 limited 19+ edition to be released

The highly-anticipated duo Trouble Maker are joined with the help from composer S.Tiger.

On 24th October, Cube Entertainment spoke to StarNews, “The title track ‘No Tomorrow’ (tentative name) from their new album is a song by S.Tiger” and, “S.Tiger has been putting all effort for Trouble Maker’s song since early this year,” he revealed.

Their title track ‘No Tomorrow’ is produced by both S.Tiger and Rado. It is a song that has a fantasy vibe and an addictive melody to accompany it. Representatives expressed, “‘No Tomorrow’ is a continuation to previous ‘Trouble Maker’. And performance wise, they will have much more dramatic elements on stage.”

Regarding their upcoming performance stage for their new song, “It’s not a sexy concept” and, “They will bring you a performance stage that reminisces of the musical ‘Bonnie and Clyde’,” they added.

Cube also revealed, “Due to explosive attention for Trouble Maker, we have decided to release 3,000 copies of 19+ version. for it” and, “The details have yet to be decided but most probably it will be 2 weeks after their release, which is around mid-November.” According to the agency, the 19+ limited version have more jacket pictures than the original version.

Meanwhile, Trouble Maker’s comeback teaser made its way to America’s famous music chart Billboard website.

Trouble Maker will be releasing their 2nd mini album on October 28th 12AM on all online music sites.


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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News (1) (2) 


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