[Asia Kyungjae] 4minute SoHyun makes her screen debut as main lead for ‘Hwanggu’

Idol group 4minute’s Kwon SoHyun will be the lead actress for movie ‘Hwanggu’ (directed by Park YongJip) that will make society lift a new insight towards multicultural families.

According to Cube Entertainment on the 22nd, Kwon SoHyun plays the role of Misoo in ‘Hwanggu’. She’s a university student who will be challenging national-level Taekwondo competition and is a person that always give her warmest support to multicultural boyfriend Hangu. Misoo plays an active role in volunteering activities and will fight towards any injustice. Misoo’s youthful and high-spirited character matches well with Kwon SoHyun’s cute and bright image.

Kwon SoHyun has been 4minute’s maknae and has been putting on many sexy and cute performances. ‘Hwanggu’ is her first ever personal activity, and it also signifies her debut on screen. Being cast with a bubbly character, anticipation is flying high as to her new upgraded look.

Kwon SoHyun also delivered her thoughts, “It is my first conducting activities alone, but to be able to try out such a good screen production, my heart flutters a lot. It’s a very meaningful production and I will do my best to meet everyone’s warmest anticipation.”

‘Hwanggu’ is a production that depicts the story of a young teenager of Filipino-Korean descent who is attempting a national-level Taekwondo competition. And through the process, the movie shows his pain as well as his growth as a multicultural family member, giving warmth to those who watches it.

‘Hwanggu’ will have its first shoot on October 28th and is expected to end in November. The movie will be meeting everyone in the first half year of 2014.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Asia Kyungjae


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