[Newsen] BTOB, “Leader Eunkwang doesn’t scold us…”

BTOB members have revealed a unique method used by leader Eunkwang when he reprimands his member.

On October 17th, BTOB appeared on Shanghai TV ‘Han Wei Xing Dong Tai’ and the members revealed, “Eunkwang-hyung is a person who doesn’t get angry easily, so he would write (what we’ve done wrong) on a memo, and he’ll scold us at one go at a later time.”

They explained, “He won’t blow up reprimanding us either. He would say it in a very gentle way, like, ‘I hope you’ll do this next time.'”

BTOB also revealed that fans laughed when ‘Thriller’ was first released. Although the zombie choreograph came from movie ‘I Am A Legend’, they explained, “it was a fast song so the choreograph looked funny.”

Regarding this, BTOB expressed, “Our intention had been successful. At first, we wanted to deliver a happy zombie kind of vibe as well as showing a demonic side. We want to lift the viewers’ mood naturally through our performance.” And, this is because BTOB wants to be loved by across every age group. BTOB continued, “At the end of lots of practice, we do a variety of music and hope that we will be a group that is loved by every person.”

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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