[Newsen] Cube family welcomes maknae Shin JiHoon

Shin JiHoon has sent her regards to seniors of the same company.

4minute member Hyuna wrote on Instagram on October 16th, “Youngest JiHoonie hwaiting”, attached along a picture.

The said picture is a screen cap of a chat room where artists of Cube Entertainment, including BEAST, 4minute and BTOB interact with each other.

Shin JiHoon wrote, “Hello eonnies and oppas. I am Cube’s youngest, Shin JiHoon. I have released my first song today. I’ve came in rudeness, with a mixed of happiness and a tingle of excitement, to deliver my greetings like this,” as she greeted her seniors in Cube Entertainment.

4minute Kwon SoHyun replied with encouraging words, “Hihi that’s so cute. Do well in your future promotions. I will root for you.” BEAST Yoon Doojoon even made a witty welcome message, “JiHoon-ah, do well. Roh JiHoon Hwaiting!”, “I’m joking, Roh JiHoon Hwaiting too!”, “Our maknae, Shin JiHoon Hwaiting”, which leads to laughter upon reading his message.

The members of BTOB were seen welcoming their new family member as well. BEAST’s Yang Yoseob also left a support message on his Instagram, “NEW JiHoon Let’s Go.”

The ‘KPOP Star 2’ Top 6 contender signed with Cube Entertainment’s sub label Cube DC in June and has debuted with ‘Right There’ on October 16th. The song is quick to take top 10 spot of major music charts not long after its release.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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