[MBN Star] Lee Kikwang landed a lead role in ‘Twenty Years Old’

Idol group BEAST member Lee Kikwang and actress Lee DaIn have cast as the main leads for CJ E&M Drama ‘Twenty Years Old’ (tentative name).

On the 14th, according to a broadcast representative, Lee Kikwang and Lee DaIn’s participation in the drama ‘Twenty Years Old’ have been confirmed. This drama will be CJ E&M’s first ever mobile drama.

This drama revolves around the fun love story of a male and a female teenager, both of twenty years old. We will be seeing Lee Kikwang and Lee DaIn’s cooperation as a couple in the drama. The first shoot for ‘Twenty Years Old’ starts on 14th October.

 기사의 0번째 이미지

Lee Kikwang started his acting experience through MBC sitcom ‘High Kick’, MBC drama ‘My Princess’, ‘I’m a Flower too’, and KBS2 drama special ‘My Friend Is Still Alive’, and had since proved his acting skills. This is his second attempt at a lead role after the KBS2 drama.

Meanwhile, rookie actress Lee DaIn who is the daughter of Gyeon MiRi and younger sister of Lee YooBi debuted in August this year.

In the drama, Lee DaIn acts as Hyerim, a university student, while BEAST Lee Kikwang acts with same-name Lee Kikwang, who is an idol star and a former middle school classmate of Hyerim. Lee Kikwang and his group name are exactly the same as in the drama, which gives a reality feel to it. Although he is an idol star, he plays a character who cherishes his first love. (TV Daily)

CJ representative expressed that ‘Twenty Years Old’ will be 15 minutes long, with a total of 4 episodes, and that they plan to edit the mobile drama for TV broadcast as well.

Meanwhile, ‘Twenty Years Old’ is set to broadcast within the year.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: MBN Star, TV Report


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