[OSEN] Rain holds fanmeet… Gathers fans from all corner of the world

Soloist Rain will be holding his first ever local fanmeeting ever since his military discharge in July.

On October 12th 4PM, Rain held the fanmeeting at KyungHee University where about 3,000 fans from various countries such as Korea, China, Japan, Europe, North America, Turkey, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina and more gathered.

Although this was initially a fanmeeting for local fans, but his global-wide popularity proved to be unstoppable with overseas fans filling up the venue as well. According to Rain’s representative, to ensure that the event runs smoothly, 1,300 translator devices were used throughout the fanmeet.

Meeting fans after a long period, Rain will sing most of his hit songs and talk about his recent condition after discharging from the military. A representative of Rain commented, “Rain had prepared a lot for fans so that they can spend a meaningful event together. He will be singing many songs.”

Meanwhile, Rain will be holding a fanmeeting in Japan in the coming November. He will be holding a total of 10 concerts under the title ‘2013 Rain Zepp Tour Story of Rain’ starting in November 14th in Nagoya till November 28th.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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