[OSEN] Yoon Doojoon confirms role for ‘Let’s Eat’…to be aired in November

Actors Lee SooKyung, Yoon SooHee and Sim HyungTak, as well as BEAST member Yoon Doojoon have confirmed their roles in tvN’s upcoming drama ‘Let’s Eat’ (tentative name).

‘Let’s Eat’ is a drama that revolves around Lee SooKyung (acted by Lee SooKyung), including her neighborhood and colleagues, describing the daily lives of those who are single. Recently, there’s an upward trend of  single people, where statistics show that one out of every four families lives alone. On various variety program, too, stories about poeple living alone had once become a topic. ‘Let’s Eat’ will be the first drama that shares the story of a single person’s life.

Park JunHwa PD expressed, “‘Let’s Eat’ portrays episodes faced by main actors who are 20~30 that lives alone and will become a drama that is relatable and delightful to viewers.”

In the drama, Lee SooKyung is a 33 years old divorcee who married thoughtlessly in her 20s. She’s a woman that often got praised for her good looks, so she always dressed up elegantly. However, Lee SooKyung is easily waved in front of food.

Yoon Doojoon plays the role of Goo Daeyoung who lives next door. He’s a gourmet with an expressive description for food, which will make everyone fall for it. Although he has a fiend character and lies every time he talks, he’s a mysterious man that takes good and sincere care of others through his own actions.

The episode is expected to be aired in end of November.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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