[GQ Style] Boys – Lee MinHyuk interview

Lee MinHyuk (23 years old) BTOB’s vocal and rapper

What were you doing an hour before your pictorial shoot? I was washing my face.

I must do this this year, but I have yet to do it? Travelling.

Among things that you have recently bought, which is the best? I didn’t buy anything.

Which one (do you like) basketball or soccer? Both.

What’s the color of your socks today? Black and white striped socks

The person you want to spend Christmas with this year?  With many people on music awards ceremony.

When do you need your friends? When I need to be comforted

When do you need a girl? Also, when I need to be comforted.

What do you want to eat now? Shaved ice.

A habit you wish to throw away right immediately? My knuckle-cracking habits.

Your most favorite shoes? Converse.

The thing you want to give your family as presents? BTOB and my success/achievements.

A song that you have listened more than 100 times recently? BTOB’s Thriller.

A drama that  you always replay? The whole series of ‘Batman’

Taylor Swift or Taylor Momsen? Taylor Swift.

If you were to reborn again? Even if I were to be reborn, I would be me, Lee MinHyuk.

Ten years from today, what do you think you’ll be doing? Living as a composer cum actor?

Alcohol you love the most? Beer and Tequila.

Favorite game? Winning Eleven.

Insects you hate the most? Mosquitoes.

Often used perfume? Versace.

T-shirt or shirt? V-neck shirts.

Thing you want to do right now? I want to sleep, until I hate sleeping.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: GQ Style



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