[OSEN] BEAST Yang Yoseob becomes a fixed guest on ‘I Live Alone’

BEAST member Yang Yoseob will be appearing as a fixed guest on MBC Variety program ‘I Live Alone’.

An MBC representative spoke to OSEN this afternoon, “Yang Yoseob-ssi will be partnering up with the members of ‘I Live Alone'” and, “Yang Yoseob-ssi’s friendly and polite personality is well-loved by the members.”

Previously, Yang Yoseob made a sudden appearance on the teaser of ‘I Live Alone’ on the 4th. Yang Yoseob slightly revealed his house where he stays alone and have since then gained strong attention. The representative of the program expressed that he will be revealing his own house other than their dorm where he stays with BEAST members.

Recently Kim TaeWon and Kangta temporary stepped down due to their busy schedules. As to fill the open positions, Yang Yoseob as well as Jun HyunMu will be on the show.

The participation of Jun HyunMu and Yang Yoseob adds to the remaining 5 guests (Kim YongGun, Lee Sungjae, Kim GwangGyu, Defconn, Noh HongChul), bringing it to a total of 7 celebrities on the show.


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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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