[Magazine IZE] BTOB ④ MinHyuk, Hyunsik and Peniel’s STORY


Lee MinHyuk
Hanja: Plum tree Lee(李), Harmimous Min(旼), Red color He (赫).
Born on 1990 November 29th in Seoul. The person that I respect the most is my father, my role model is my hyung that is older than me by 4 years old. Hyung always has lots of friends around him and is popular around girls too. I can’t compete in terms of that. But speaking in terms of looks, I think I’m more handsome than he is. Especially when my hair is half-dried, I love seeing myself after a shower, I think that I look good too. (Laughs) Hyung is now preparing to be a PD. We made a promise that in the future, when we are both secured, we will work with each other like Ryu SeungWan and Ryu SeungBum brothers.

My whole family are fans of LG Twins Invincible LG! Please don’t feel stressed out competing this year. Just enjoy the match like last year! It’s of course better if you can compete in the Korean league. If I have the chance, I want to throw a pitch too.

Everyone are curious why I gave the silver medal to Yoseob-hyung in MBC ‘Idol Sports Athletic Championship’. Actually, there’s no special reason. Yoseob-hyung was smiling very brightly, and I find it interesting to give it to him when he least aware of it. (Laughs) I’m good in sports, so I’m keen in acting in an action movie. I think I will do it quite well. If I have the chance, I want to be in musicals such as ‘Hedwig’ or Rent’, or roles with a one-sided love story.

I went back home for Chuseok, and saw my pet dog Hamo. I’m really happy to see him. Not long ago, he was down with anxiety and I was worried sick for him. Hamo seems to welcome me after returning from our dorm.

Leader Eunkwang has lessen a lot of my burden. On the other hand, I’m play the role of a supporter in the team. When Eunkwang is lost of words, I would help him and often assist him at difficult task. That’s how I gained the model-like ‘Minstar’ nickname in Weekly Idol. I don’t mind those things. Since variety has created a new image for me, I’m even thankful. Our members are really charming friends. We hope that our members will have the opportunity to shine even brightly in the future.

Im Hyunsik
Hanja: Responsibility Im (任), Shining Xuan (炫), Plant Zhi (植) ; Carries the meaning of ‘Spreading your light as far as possible’

Born on 1992 March 7th in Seoul. I share my name with highly experienced actor Im Hyunsik-teacher, so I’ve thought of having a stage name. If I were to do so, I want it to be ‘Gaon’. It means wanting to be the center of the world..

Folk singer Im JiHoon is my father. I’m happy to inherit my father’s eye-smiles and musical talents. Father insists that I have to sing with dedication. People often called me a ‘Bohemian’, but interestingly enough, that was my father’s nickname when he was young.

I have a Hyung who is 2 years older than me. Hyung is furthering his studies in Japan. He is currently studying about drawing comics. Since young, I and Hyung read a lot of comics. My previous dream was to be a comic artist while Hyung was to be a singer, but we have exchanged dreams now. Among all comics that I’ve read, ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Slam Dunk’ are the best. The character I like the most is Kang BaekHo. Generally, I like all lead characters.

At home, I eat a lot of meat, so I often see my mother grilling meat. (Sungjae: You looked quite wealthy?) That’s why I’m good in grilling meat. (IlHoon: He knows everything). It’s heartwarming to see the members eating deliciously.

Lately I’m into this item called sweatpants. It’s a training wear but it’s a pair of slim pants, that’s why I like it. I have got to buy one.

I’ve conducted ‘Im Hyunsik’s Six Sense’, but it was something I never thought of before, so I did it badly. In later part, I want to do it with the members, without any MCs. I want to do a program like JTBC ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ with the members. I think that I’m quite funny too. Although I have yet to show my 100%, it’s okay since there will be many opportunities.

In the future, I hope to personally produce BTOB’s songs. I want to produce songs with together with our team in the future.


Born in 1993 March 10th. Peniel is my birth name in America. In Korea, it is pronounced as Beu-Ni-El. My name carries the meaning of ‘the face of God’, it’s a name given by a church pastor. My Korean name is Shin DongGeun. I don’t know its Hanja form. (Laughs)

I was raised in Chicago, America. I have a noona that is older than me by six years.

If I hadn’t come to Korea, I would have gone to university and hung out with my friends. Or maybe, I might be shooting? Since young, I love shooting games and my dad really asked me to try that out. I have a relative that won the gold medal in the Olympics, so I learned from him. In an America-based Korean competition, I won gold in the group competition. But after that, I lost interest and stopped it. (Laughs) Even if ‘Idol Sports Athletic Championship’ had a shooting category, I don’t know if I can pull it well since I have lost my shooting sense.

When I first come to Korea, I was happy to be separated away with my parents at first. But there’s nobody there to comfort me when I was sick so it was difficult for me. Sometimes I would talk to them through video calls, but my parents still worries about me. They think of it as me living a university life in Korea.

I spent shis year’s Chuseok in MinHyuk’s house. Hamo kept on following me, perhaps it’s because I look like a puppy, and it thinks that I’m of the same species as he is. (MinHyuk: He didn’t even welcome me. He likes Peniel more than me! This rascal!)

I have a thing for waking up early and Changsub-hyung is always the last to wake up. He would fall back to sleep even after we wake him up.

If I were to choose my best 3 snacks, then it would be jelly, chocolate and cookies.

I danced to ’24 Hours’, ‘Expectation, ‘No No No’ during Weekly Idol, and became the winner for female idol dances. I didn’t practice for it, I just danced to it according to the song in our waiting room. (Hyunsik: He’s a fast learner. He knows how to dance all the dances) I have yet to show more dances on broadcast yet. (Laughs)

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Magazine IZE



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