[Magazine IZE] BTOB ③ IlHoon, Sungjae’s STORY

Jung IlHoon

Hanja: Nation Zheng (鄭), Stable Yi (鎰), Contribution Xun (勳). The center ‘Yi’ (Il) is our family’s common name passed down to our generation.

I was born in Seoul on 1994 October 4th and raised in GyeongGiDo. I have an elder sister that is older than me by 4 years. She’s known to people as soloist JOO. Although she’s a singer, to me, I treat her like any ordinary noonas. Our company and noona’s company are close to each other, so we hang out for lunch quite often.

I was ordinarily an introvert and got really shy quite often, but because of the members, I’ve changed a lot. I’ve become more active. The other thing about me that changed is that I’ve become purer than last time. It felt like I have that ‘whiter’ vibe now. (Laughs)

I am close with Teen Top’s Niel. I heard that Niel said, “You’re ugly~ IlHoonie” on Mnet ‘MCountdown’. I don’t want to listen that from you!

Sungjae jokes that he likes me everyday. To be exact, it’s a torture for one party . (Laughs) Without washing up, he comes to my bed, and disturb me. (Sungjae: It’s like a drunk father coming in and disturbing his child. IlHoon: Ah~ Wash before you come~) If there’s no responses, usually, people would stop doing so because it’s no longer fun. But Sungjae is an exception. His patience is really amazing. He said that I looked like a raccoon so he likes me a lot. But I don’t look like one.

I became a topic through a video for Kiyomi Song and even did it on ‘Weekly Idol’. To me, Kiyomi song is ultimately pretty.

I want to show my charismatic side. Since long before, I’ve been liking rappers such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem. I’ve been singing Dynamic Duo-seniors’ ‘Hot Wings’ lately. I like that the beat of the song is closely link to each other and it has a lively rhythm.

My motto has been “Time is Gold”. It means we have to make use of time efficiently. I hope that everyone can remember Jung IlHoon as a whole.

Yook Sungjae

Hanja: Land Lu (陸), Starry Night Xing (星), Material Jae (材), ‘Be a material (person) that shines like the star.’

I was born on 1995 May 2nd and raised in Seoul. I have a noona who is 3 years my senior but she’s studying abroad so we don’t often meet up. Noona put on makeup for me since I was young, and I like it when people say that I looked good. I think it’s noona who has influenced me to become a singer.

When I was 16 years old, there are times where people would mistook me as Seo InGuk-senior. Now that I’ve grown older and my face features changed, it doesn’t happen now. (IlHoon: During our trainee times, when Sungjae first entered (our company), I thought Seo InGuk-senior came, I even greeted him) I’m quite shy then, everyone thought I was quiet and that I’m a pure and diligent person. But now, it’s ‘maknae on top’. (Laughs) Leader Eunkwang-hyung is really lenient towards me. Now that I meet many people while working, I have to appeal to them more actively, that’s why I talked much more.

In ‘Weekly Idol’, I became famous with the title,  ‘the idol who wasted his looks’ after the plastic frame game. I didn’t leave any thought when I was breaking it. If I had any other thoughts, then I won’t be successful in that game. That’s why I just did it. (Laughs) The members went for ‘SNL Korea’ but since I’m still underage, I couldn’t appear on the show. I felt regretful. But then again, it’s a good thing that I didn’t perform there. Since I have a strong greed, perhaps I may do it at my fullest without thinking much.

This may be a shock to quite a lot of people, but I like to fish.

I’m not addicted to any food lately but there was once a time where I’m obsessed over yogurt. I had once ate 16 cups per day.

I don’t usually practice female idols’ dance but Sunmi-senior’s ’24 hours’ was really good, so I danced it. I monitored her performanceS more than ours. I like that it has a raccoon vibe to it. IlHoon-hyung looked like one and I wanted to call him cute. However, IlHoon-hyung said it’s annoying, so it felt like a one-sided love relationship. (Laughs)

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Magazine IZE


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