[Magazine IZE] BTOB ② Eunkwang, Changsub’s STORY

Seo Eunkwang
Hanja: Tranquility Xu (徐), Grace En (恩), Shining Light Guang (光)

Born in 1990 November 22nd. I was born and raised in YongIn. I don’t usually get angry. Compared to others, I seemed to take any dissatisfactions better. (Sungjae: We never seen him get angry before. Minhyuk: He’s Gandhi. Changsub: He prevents any bloodshed) I got angry only when I was in a fight with my younger brother/sister when I was a child.

I am cautious in nature too, so I organize things in my heard before I speak so that I won’t say gibberish things. (Changsub: I sleep at the second floor of my bed, and I often come down jumping on Eunkwang-hyung’s mattress, but he said it on a radio broadcast after half a year. You should just say it, Hyung!) I’m the type that would think before I write my answers on the exam answer sheet. I think that’s the reason why I’m the leader.

Before we debut, my large voice was my complex, but now, it seems that my fans love it.

I think that sleep is the most important in managing our throats. I do have lesser sleep when I’m busy, even then, I sleep when I have any spare time.

If we were to have our solo stage during concert, I would want to invite Kim BumSoo-senior as a guest. I want to sing ‘The thing called friend’ (T/N: 친구라는 건) with him, like a friend. But I do worry about our capability gap. Even so, I hope that I can sing up to his level.

No matter how one sees it. the leader is the face of the team, so I will work even harder. When I’m feeling difficult, I look at all six members and my faith to be successful grows.  With that thought in mind, my self-confidence rises as well. Are you all like this too?

Lee ChangSub

Hanja: Plum tree Li (李), Prosperity Chang (昌), Light Xie (Seob)

Born in Gyeongido and raised in Suwon. I have a sister younger than me by a year. My sister is different than me. I understand her as a child that study to her heart’s content. But she has lost some weight lately, and my sister have become a pretty lady, I had such thoughts. Previously I asked my sister, “Would you want to marry to Eunkwang Oppa?” and she said, “Are you crazy?!!!” (Laughs) (Eunkwang: Ehahahahaha!)

My middle school graduation picture has recently became a topic but if I were to go back in time to take another shoot, I will pose with my tongue sticking out too. (Laughs).

As we prepare for ‘Thriller’, I wrote an Isiah 41:10 Bible verse in English on my arm. “Don’t be afraid as I will be with you. Don’t be discouraged as I am your God.” On the day where I got it tattooed, it was so pain but I came back smiling the whole day.

My friend contacted me, saying that my face is all over HongDae, and that made felt the reality. Fans really like the part where Eunkwang-Hyung comes out suddenly by my side in ‘Thriller’ choreograph. We frustrated on how to do it actually. At first, we weren’t able to follow the beat but we’re much precise now. 

Recently, my red friends on my face (acne) are showing up, so I pay extra attention to my skin. It’s not any spectacular skin care or anything. I just make sure that I wash before I sleep even if it’s troublesome. I also spread a towel on my pillow when I sleep.

When I am with the members, Hyunsik and I have a thing for grilling meat. No matter what type of meat it is, I will grill it well. 

If I become a barista and have the chance to decorate a cafe, I would decorate it with an antique vibe to it. I would offer those who don’t drink (coffee) like Peniel smoothie or Chamomile.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Magazine IZE


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