[My Daily] BTOB, “We are glad to see SPICA”

Idol group BTOB has shown their different affection towards girl group SPICA.

Recently during an interview with My Daily, BTOB expressed, “We are very glad to tears whenever we see SPICA members” and, “We are close with SPICA and we root for each other.”

BTOB made their comeback in March, ending a year and 6 months of hiatus, but the promotion period wasn’t long either. If there’s a girl group that’s comparable with BTOB, then it would be SPICA. SPICA debuted in January last year but was on hiatus for a long period as well.

SPICA went on ‘Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook’ last month and revealed their thoughts, “It has been a year and 6 months since our debut. But our blank period seems to be longer than our promotions. We promoted for a month and took 8 months of break. We had 6 months of hiatus for our last promotion,” which has then become a topic.

BTOB Lee MinHyuk expressed, “We had 6 months of hiatus between our debut and last year’s comeback. It’s like we had more than a year of blank period” and “We totally like SPICA. We are close as well. We watched their interview and we can really relate to them.”

He continued, “Strangely, our promotion period often overlaps. We appeared together on a radio broadcast once too. We’re close with Yang JiWon-ssi so we exchange CDs and contacts. Somehow, it’s like a meeting for us,” he laughs.

Yook Sungjae added, “SPICA members said that we looked amazing. They said they like us and that we were outstanding on stage, we’re thankful for that.”

Jung IlHoon who couldn’t stop smiling put on a genuine look, “SPICA sings very well. We, as well as fans really like the fact that they sing really good. I think SPICA are quite amazing” and, “Their latest track was like this too. It seems like they are going to do well, so we feel good for them.”

Regarding their future promotions, BTOB expressed, “We will like it if we can stand out immediately but slowly being recognized one by one is even better. We want to have a music-oriented album while able to handle a wide spectrum of genres, so that our music will be loved across all generations,” stating their aspirations.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: My Daily


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