[My Daily] BTOB, “As long as we produce music that we won’t be ashamed of…”

There’s a new saying now, ‘Sleep and you’ll be a star when you wake up’. It’s a saying that depicts that the possibility of an outcome has grown better.

Idol group BTOB keenly felt the changes in era. They made their debut March last year with single album ‘Insane’. Although it has been a year and 6 months since their debut, the days where they promote aren’t long. In other words, although they have honed their capabilities for a long time, there aren’t many opportunities where they can actually show them.

In fact, they were passionate in answering when asked about each of their strong points. BTOB leader and main vocalist Seo Eunkwang revealed, “In Sungjae’s case, his low-tone chest voice is really amazing. For Changsub, he’s a ‘red vocal fairy’. He has a unique voice which sounds really good. I think he will do very well in OSTs.”

Lee Changsub added as he blinked due to a sty in his eye, “I really want to try singing OST. I want to be the ‘Male King’ in the featuring world.”

Jung IlHoon furthered, “Hyunsik-hyung’s voice is thick and manly, and when he breathes, he has this ‘syak’ sound. That’s why he has a soulful voice. Meanwhile, MinHyuk is an all-rounded member. He does both raps and vocals, in particular, he can do melody raps very well,” expressing  his admiration.

Seo Eunkwang continued, “IlHoon’s raps have a chewy feel to it. He loves foreign Hip Hop so he does well in hardcore raps. Our Peniel does foreign raps. He’s good in English raps. He has his own colors and because he knows a lot of foreign music, he’s like our music teacher,” he revealed with a smile.

As a proof for all these ‘show-offs’, BTOB is well known to fans as a capable group. Cube Entertainment also commented, “BTOB’s live version is really good. We see MR removed videos uploaded after they have ended their music broadcast, and their capabilities really stood out, which is one of their many charms. We believe that many public listeners will love BTOB.”

Im Hyunsik expressed, “I feel reliable when I go on stage together with all the members. They are remarkable in terms of capabilities. Perhaps because of that, I feel secured,” showing their strong teamwork.

Jung IlHoon said,”Happiness isn’t valued based on how we fare. As singers, we started out with music, and the fact that we can continue producing music makes us happier.” Lee Changsub added with a laugh, “Every time we promote, we felt that there are more people liking us. Other fandoms look at us also said things like, ‘They do really well, but why aren’t they successful?'”

Lee MinHyuk said, “We like it if we can do well in just one shot, but we are singers that do music, we feel that making music that we won’t be ashamed of is even more important. Even if we don’t do well on music charts, we feel confident.”

Seo Eunkwang added, “We plan to do it step by step. Idols are already in their saturation stage and it is uncommon to be successful in one go in the entertainment world. Since our rookie times, we want to improve our skills a step at a time,” speaking like an adult.

It’s okay even if they can’t rise, as long as they produce music that they won’t be ashamed of, were the words said by the members of BTOB with their clear sparkling gazes. In the near future, their strong energy for music will definitely exceed fans’ anticipation by a long distance

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: My Daily


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