[StarIn] BTOB “No longer a teenager, 180 degrees transformed into a man”

비투비 `소년티 벗고 `상남자` 180도 변신`(인터뷰)

7-member boys group BTOB have stripped off their teenager image.

Recently in an interview with StarIn, BTOB revealed, “Previously we have been going for a teenager-like image. This time, it’s a tough and dark ‘manly’ concept. We want to show our manly side.”

BTOB recently made their comeback with ‘Thriller’ after a year of hiatus. BTOB expressed, “While we were having our break, we monitored our previous promotions and it seems like our position among many boy groups is still vague. (Therefore) We worked very hard to overcome our shortcomings and to have our very own colors.”

In fact, for this latest album, BTOB has left a strong impression due to their strong concept. The members said, “We have to show our very own colors as a group or as singers, so it seems that we have grabbed audience visually as well as through the song during this promotion.”

During their breaks, BTOB also appeared on real variety programs. They have went on a program called ‘Diary’ that showed their daily lives and honest sides of themselves. The members expressed, “It was a program where we have to self-cam ourselves and we heard responses such as ‘Why are you guys so funny’ through the show. We felt that we could go a step closer with fans other than the stage.”

BTOB will soon to take on overseas schedule after their promotions. “We had Asia fan meeting during our hiatus. Overseas activities help us widen our perspectives and so, we can learn a lot from it” and, “We want to be a group that accumulates experience from both local and overseas activities, and then stand on an international stage as BTOB,” they added their aspiration.
비투비 `소년티 벗고 `상남자` 180도 변신`(인터뷰)

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: StarIn


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