[TV Daily] BTOB, “We have made all preparations, all that’s left now, is a leap”


Idol group BTOB has changed. They knocked on the doors of the entertainment industry in March 2012 and have been running for almost 2 years since that day. Although they are still lacking, through their latest album, BTOB have gotten a step closer in becoming an artist that understands their musical preference.

BTOB released their new album ‘Thriller’ in September, making a comeback to the music scene after a year of blank period. Every month, we see idol groups attempting fresh concepts in the entertainment industry. In such competitive environment, idol groups definitely find themselves filled with impatience and insecurities about their future.

Despite that, BTOB used this situation to their advantage, building themselves a solid music foundation, like how they put it, this is an ‘album that helps in their self-development’.

BTOB members’ participation for this 3rd mini album is the largest so far. That’s why we have more affection for it. We do get insecure during a year of blank period, therefore we practice hard as much as that of our insecurities. I think this helped us a lot in developing ourselves.” (Seo Eunkwang)

It has been my goal to include my very own songs in the album. Therefore, I’m really happy. ‘Star’ was written during our trainee days. In fact, it was intended to be included in BEAST’s recently released album, but since the song suits more towards BTOB’s colors, we have decided to make it one of our album tracks.” (Im Hyunsik)

Also, ‘Why’ was a track composed by Im Hyunsik and Lee Kikwang, which has gained attention from fans. “I know how to compose and Kikwang-hyung was the one who firstly propose that we use the same production room. Thanks to him, I can produce different style of songs rather than (songs I produced) when I’m alone. It’s a really good experience. Surprisingly, the song was well-received, so my burden to do even better in next album grows too.” (Im Hyunsik)

In order for Im Hyunsik to portray each member’s distinctive vocals, he dedicated a lot of his time studying music. This is because Hyunsik wants to grow into an artist, not just merely having his songs on albums.

티브이데일리 포토

Whatever it is, the high anticipation received for BTOB’s latest album was not only due to the fact that the members involved actively in its production, but also because of their 180 degree change of their image. BTOB usually gives out a youthful teenager vibe. However, in this new album, BTOB made a surprising comeback with their masculinity side,

“All of us actually agree to show a manly and sexy side. That said, we do not want to show merely our masculinity. Although it seems like this now, but we still have our rascals image during ‘Wow’ and ‘Second Confession’. We do see surprising responses from many people who watched our stage, but that is something we have expected. We want to show them that BTOB can do a manly concept, therefore, we worked with more determination” (Yook Sungjae)

“(Thriller) Choreograph was inspired by ‘I am a legend’. After monitoring how zombies acts, we called it the ‘Zombie dance’, but it was somehow being upgraded and fans called it the ‘Group Chicken Dance’. (Therefore)) This choreograph seems to show both its taste and fun at the same time. It’s really addictive.” (Lee Changsub)

Within 60 minutes of this interview, BTOB has shown their aspiration towards music far more than expected. Towards the end of this interview, we asked which variety program BTOB would like to participate, and they chose KBS2 ‘Immortal Songs’. ‘Immortal Songs’ is a popular program that showcases hidden talents of capable musicians as well as idol singers.

“‘The reason why we want to go on ‘Immortal Songs’ is because we want to show ourselves as a vocalist. We are the type that have fun in composing and arranging songs. So, if we really have the chance to appear on the show, I think we will have more anticipation for it than feeling burdened” (Lee Minhyuk)

Up till now, BTOB has indeed presented different styles of themselves, and the road goes longer in the future too. When asked what is their ultimate goal as a singer, they answered that they want to be a group that spans across the generation. We wonder, will BTOB continue to promote and pursue their music colors so as to blow across the generation like a wind?

“A frogs squats before it jumps. This new album is probably BTOB’s most diligently prepared work ever. If you listen from our first album, you will feel that we have made progress every day and that BTOB have found their colors. Therefore, this album is even more precious. Lately, fans have been gradually promoting BTOB musically. Thanks to them, we gained hope and dreams, as well as the confidence to be successful. All that is left now, is a leap.” (BTOB)

티브이데일리 포토

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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