[My Daily] BEAST holds first Busan concert since debut, “It’s like a dream”

Idol group BEAST has successfully concluded their very first concert in Busan province.

On the 28th September, BEAST held their solo concert ‘2013 Beautiful Concert’ in Busan for audience of 6,000.

The concert started with ‘Black Paradise’ band version which showcases BEAST’s unique and lyrical vocals and followed with a string of hit songs, which were cheered by fans passionately.

BEAST also flaunted their cute Busan dialect, “Beautiful Busan” which further brought up the atmosphere. BEAST Son Dongwoon revealed his thoughts, “Busan is my hometown, so being able to perform here makes me very happy. I look at all these excited faces and I start to think to myself, ‘why are we here only now?’. But now that we’re here, I’m really happy”, not forgetting to add in a little dialect in his message. Yang Yoseob continued, “You all are prettier than the universe!” melting fans heart with his lovely dialect.

BEAST performed hit songs ‘Shadow’, ‘Beautiful Night’ and more which was passionately followed by 6,000 fans’ cheers.

The Busan concert tickets were all sold off quick. Not only fans in their teens and 20s from in and out the country came for the concert, 30s and 40s fans as well as male fans supported BEAST as well.

Lee Kikwang expressed his affection towards fans, “Busan concert is like a dream. We had fun, and we are happy that B2utys always fill up such a large venue.” Son Dongwoon added, “You see the fire when a candle lights up in the dark. But without a candle stick, there’re won’t be any fire,” and, “B2utys are like candle sticks who always look after us so that we can shines. We ask fans to light up that candle forever”, delivering a heartwarming message.


Please take out with full credits.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: My Daily


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