[Sports Seoul] Teen Top Niel cutely disses BTOB Jung IlHoon, “You’re ugly~ IlHoonie~”

Teen Top Niel dissed ‘best friend’ group BTOB as he flaunts their close relationship.

On the 26th September broadcast of ‘MCountdown’, idol groups introduced 20-11th place on the music chart.

Among them, Teen Top was in charge of introducing BTOB’s ‘Thriller’ which stands at #13. Teen Top cutely showed their jealousy, “BTOB is doing quite well?” and Niel dissed BTOB member Jung IlHoon in a joking tone, “You’re ugly~ IlHoonie~”, which brought about laughter to the viewers.

Please take out with full credits

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Seoul


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