[TV Daily] BTOB IlHoon, “HyungDon called to say ‘I love you’, but couldn’t remember it the next day”

비투비 일훈

Idol group BTOB has recently met up with TV Daily for an interview. Member IlHoon revealed a special episode with ‘Weekly Idol’ MC and gagman Jung HyungDon.

IlHoon now co-hosts ‘Weekly Idol’ with Jung HyungDon and Defconn (Doni Coni). Towards our question, “It seems like Jung HyungDon and Defconn always give you a hard time on the program”, IlHoon responded, “That helps to give me a character on the show. We don’t take it seriously”.

He continued, “Coni-hyung and Doni-hyung gave lots of advice to me. They helped me a lot”, he added with a bright smile.

IlHoon also revealed an episode with Jung HyungDon. He recalled, “One day, HyungDon-hyung called me. I’m usually the one to text regards to him first, but it was my first time receiving a call from him out of the blue” and, “I thought it has something to do with the broadcast, so I answered. But with a drunk tone, he said ‘I love you’ to me.”

“The next morning, I text HyungDon-hyung with a message that says ‘I love you too’, but the reply I received was, ‘Why would you love me?’. He really couldn’t remember that night. I said, ‘Hyung, you said I love you to me first.’ and he replied, ‘There must be a mistake'”, which caused the members to laugh.

Towards Defconn, IlHoon revealed his actual personality, “We worked very well together on broadcast. He’s the type that couldn’t care less but deep inside, he takes good care of us.”

Meanwhile, BTOB is currently promoting ‘Thriller’.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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