[TV Daily] BTOB, “4minute SoHyun gives support and monitors our first performance”


Group BTOB has flaunts their warm friendship with singers from the same company in an interview with TV Daily.

When asked, who gave the most support when their new song was released, BTOB chose 4minute’s Kwon SoHyun.

Yook Sungjae revealed, “4minute monitors our performance. During our first broadcast, Kwon SoHyun-noona contacted us and said that we’ve done well” and, “She also invited BTOB to a group KaTalk chat and said ‘Hwaiting’ to us.”

He added, “She approached each of us and said that I looked amazing” as he laughs brightly. Eunkwang followed and expressed his grateful heart, “Sohyun would say to me, “Oppa, it must be very hard for you. I hope that there will be lesser difficulties.'”

BEAST and G.NA also cheered a lot for BTOB. They expressed, “We have known BEAST for quite a long time but we’ve gotten closer very quickly only early this year. Both of us were busy preparing for our own promotions but we go for concerts and work out together. So we had this close friendship that only men have.”

BTOB is currently holding promotions for new track ‘Thriller’.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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