[Newsen] BTOB MinHyuk, “It’s regretful to have just one gold medal in ‘ISAC'” (Interview)

BTOB Lee Minhyuk has emerged as the new Sports-dol in the recent ‘Idol Sports Athletic Championship. He fought off tough competitors and had snagged 2 gold medals in sprints and hurdles in the previous ISAC. Naturally, everyone would place high anticipation for him in this year’s ‘ISAC’.

Met up with Newsen recently, Lee MinHyuk expressed that it was ‘regretful’ in ISAC this year.

He had achieved medals in all three categories – Gold medal in high jump, silver for 100m sprint and bronze for the relay run, but he still shows a ‘starved’ look. Lee MinHyuk said in the interview, “I wanted to get a gold medal for the sprint category, but it was unfortunate”.

Regarding Lee MinHyuk’s competitive nature, Jung IlHoon testified, “Minhyuk-hyung has a really strong desire to win. He’s good in sports but his competitive side is not a joke. Even if his knees are torn, he would still run. I would stop if I’m hurt. Hyung, on the other hand, always want to win even if his whole body is hurt”, he revealed.

Lee MinHyuk laughed, “I didn’t know when I’ve become like this. I started out thinking it as a fun game but it turned into a competition instead.” He recalled, “In the past, I had played with futsal players from the national league, and we won. In a high school futsal competition, our team won too”, he recalled.

On the other hand, Yook Sungjae revealed his thoughts on winning the bronze medal in high jump. “It was really amazing that I could get a medal too. When I go over to the audience, fans seemed to be shock as well. To me, the bronze medal worth more than a gold medal” and, “The reaction was big. Eunkwang-hyung was surprise too.”

Lee MinHyuk added, “He had good lucks and had basic training in sports, that’s why he could jump over it. It’s just that Sungjae never show that side of his before, so there wasn’t any anticipation for him to do well.” Yook Sungjae laughed and said, “I never show fans that I work out, so everyone was thinking that I couldn’t do it”.

Even Seo Eunkwang who won with his team in the futsal competition recalled, “I didn’t contribute much in the competition. After watching the broadcast, only then I know how everyone looked so cool in the game.” Jung IlHoon then jokingly added, “I wanted to play futsal but the whole world was against me”, causing laughter during the interview.

Meanwhile, BTOB has returned with a Homme Fatale title track ‘Thriller’ and has gained good responses on how they performed a unique stage with powerful singing and raps, which has successfully captured attention from music fans.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen 


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