[Yonhap News] BTOB, “We want our songs to be played on streets”

Returning with a mini album ‘Thriller’… “We do envy EXO and other groups that debut around our time. We do get desperate.”

Idol group BTOB, EXO and B.A.P were groups debuted around similar period last year. This year, EXO sold 740,000 copies of their first album while B.A.P successfully concluded their Asia and America tour. Both of them have a solid fanbase in and out of Korea.

BTOB who has recently made their comeback after a year of blank period have released their 3rd mini album ‘Thriller’ to secure their position in the industry. Last March, they received attention for being under the same agency as BEAST and 4minute,  and they were indeed impatient to stand out among the tremendous competition.

Recently, we met up with the seven members and they revealed their honest thoughts, “It’s a fact that we grow impatient and afraid when we look at how other groups do (in the industry). But in order for a frog to jump higher, it will squat first. We will do the same as well. We will work even harder to lower ourselves so as to jump higher.”

“Although we are envious of the competitor groups, that made us even more desperate and impatient. We have debuted for a year and six months now. Once again, the motivation to start again is burning within us, and together with our company, we prepare (albums/promotions) with lots of greed. What we can do is to practice and to upgrade our strong points to another level. Therefore we diligently write, compose and learn instruments.” (Eunkwang, MinHyuk)

The members goes to their practice room on the second floor of Cube Cafe together. They spend their days busily going to one-person vocal practice room, group dance practice room and band room to practice. During blank period, Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik who are involved in musicals and drama OSTs will be busy honing their singing skills so as to find their very own vocal colors. For their latest title track ‘Thriller’, in particular, the members even went for acting lessons to capture the right expression for each parts.

Im Hyunsik who self composed track ‘Star’ and co-composed track with BEAST Lee Kikwang ‘Why’, was folk singer Im JiHoon’s son who was famous for ‘사랑의 썰물’, and therefore, has already owned an excellent capability in guitar and keyboard. Moreover, Hyunsik studied composing since his trainee days.

Hyunsik expressed, “I would compose a song through guitar or piano or sometimes, I write one after singing the melody” and, “G-Dragon and Yong JunHyung sunbaes are rapper-composers, but for me, I’m a vocalist, so it seems that there’s an anticipation that I will do a genre slightly different than sunbaes (them). I was really proud when my songs were firstly registered under Korea Music Copyright Association,” he shyly smiles.

When asked on how they feel on standing at the starting line again with a new album, they said that although there are still several conditions need to be met before they can achieve success, their emphasis is placed onto becoming a musically recognized team in the future. That is also one of the reason why they have their pre-release track firstly aired through live radio broadcast despite being an idol group.

“We want our songs to be played on streets, we want our songs to be sung by people. If we are able to hear people saying ‘we trust, listen, and saw BTOB’s music and performance stages’, I think we would be very happy.” (Hyunsik)

Sungjae added, “Our confidence pierces through the sky. We believe that we will be better in the future”, he smiles.

Also, the members revealed their wildest dream they ever had.

“I was wearing my underwear, a dragon soaked onto my body like a tattoo.” (Changsub)

Hyunsik revealed his dream, “We were playing at an outdoor swimming pool, and suddenly a rainstorm with thunder and lightning came along” he laughed and, “But we won’t be hasty at results. To me, (the situation now) is better than fears of an uncertain future that we faced during our trainee times, as written in ‘Star’. (Now) We are hopeful to know who to dream of, and to who we will become,” he added.

(Lyrics from ‘Star’)

“Just wait, I will fly high just like you
Higher than the countless twinkling stars above you
Just wait, I will always be by your side
I’ll be your star that shines brighter than anyone else.” – popgasa

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: YonHap News


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