[Newsen] ‘Spider Hands’ Roh Jihoon, “Plays psychological warfare during a penalty shootout”

‘Spider Hands’ Roh Jihoon has become a star in the recent Idol sports Athletic Championship.

Roh Jihoon who was once a youth national representative goal keeper has particularly stood out in the match. Jihoon successfully blocked string of strong shoots from the opposing team, which helped to bring success to his teammates.

Roh Jihoon spoke to Newsen, “I had musical performances and ISAC to attend to, so I wasn’t been able to sleep well for the whole month. Thoughts such as ‘I can finally play soccer again after almost 10 years’ and ‘it’s gonna be tough’ came into mind at the same time. They were all exciting nights like a child going for a picnic,” expressing his thoughts on attending ISAC.

Roh Jihoon revealed, “During a penalty shootout, the attacking team would be close to the goal post. We have to understand what strategy they would take and therefore, we need to play a game of psychological warfare to disturb their thoughts,” explaining his game strategy.

He  continues, ” Before the ball reaches my hands, I’m extremely nervous. ”

Jihoon also expressed his passion for soccer, “Soccer is not a one-person game. Playing together with teammates and when the team wins, that happy feeling is doubled. Soccer is indeed an attractive sports.”

Lastly he added, “The uniform and gloves wore that day are presents given personally by Kim YoungGwang and Kim Seunggyo players” as he express his gratefulness to both players.

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Trans : loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source : Newsen


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