[Star News] BTOB “We are envious of EXO, but this is just a start” (Interview)


Idol group BTOB who has recently made their comeback in the music scene has confessed their honest feelings towards popular idol group, EXO.

BTOB recently met up with Star News for an interview, and they revealed their thoughts, “As a group that debuts around popular idol group EXO, we really felt motivated” and, “In fact, we do envy them but it’s just a start now, so we don’t want to be hasty either.”

Debuted as a new rookie group of Cube Entertainment that houses large idol groups such as BEAST and 4Minute, BTOB showed a diverse spectrum of musicality and therefore, receives high anticipation. At that time, they have a comparable existence with EXO who debuted at the same period.

However, circumstances changed this year. While BTOB were busy preparing for their new album, EXO became a huge popular group with new track ‘Growl’ which was proven on on music charts and broadcast stations.

BTOB expressed their thoughts, “Looking at teams that are of our era, we may become impatient but more than that, we have gained the awareness that we have to devote ourselves more into practices” and, “We heard about questions whether we are envious seeing other teams doing well at a fast rate. But because of our very own mindset, (we understand) that we can only work harder (to do well in the future).”

Regarding their newly released 3rd mini album ‘Thriller’, Seo Eunkwang reveals that it was a concept from ‘Ghost Bride’ and, “It includes an exhaustive list of scary yet thrilling elements. The choreograph has a little comical yet cool look to it too“, he explained.

Im Hyunsik also spoke on his co-composed song ‘Why’ with Lee Kikwang, “Kikwang-hyung and I use the same production room. Unlike working on a production alone, we are able to complement each other’s colors in a song, and that’s really interesting,” he said.

“It’s an album that we can call an excellent production. We have that kind of confidence. We were able to reach to an agreement among the members and active in giving suggestions. We really put in a lot of effort in the album than other thing else. We have really worked hard to show a new face that we have never shown before.” Seo Eunkwang

Other than album production, the members took an active part in musicals, dramas, and OSTs but they revealed that they can never miss out in the ever rapid changing industry.

Lee Minhyuk confessed, “We had such vague thoughts during our trainee times, if we are able to succeed after debut” and, “After actually debuting, we felt that there’s nothing that we’ve taken easily. We have learned vigorously and we have even achieved a point where we want to develop even more”.

When asked how they would evaluate themselves in the entertainment industry, Lee Changsub responded, “I think we are right before reaching the middle tier” and, “We will continue to hone our skills, and since each of our personalities are different and we have a strong color, we will work harder so that we can rise to the center.”

He continued, “We feel that now is just the starting of a marathon where everything can be changed anytime” and, “We will work even harder, just like how the frog grabs its position before it  jumps. We will maintain our pace with the faith that we will shine some time in the future.”

Meanwhile, BTOB will be spending their Chuseok holiday and will be back into activities on 21st September.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News


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