[Sports Seoul] BTOB, “We might have a chance to go to restaurants with girlfriends?”

모닝 브리또 정말 맛있어요 7인조 보이그룹 비투비가 신사동 노블카페에서 지난 12일 <스포츠서울닷컴>과 브런치 데이트를 즐겼다. /임영무 기자

Interviews with idols are usually tiring. If I were to speak from my personal view, interviews with boy groups are often fun to conduct. And it is particular exciting when it comes to BTOB. We invited BTOB on the 12th of September to a restaurant called ‘Nobel Cafe’. It was 1pm, the time where everyone are at their hungriest. BTOB started choosing their meals after reaching the cafe.

안녕하세요 카멜레온 같은 비투비입니다! 비투비 멤버 이민혁, 프니엘, 임현식, 육성재, 이창섭, 서은광, 정일훈(왼쪽 뒷줄부터 시계방향으로)이 <스포츠서울닷컴> 카메라를 향해 다양한 매력을 발산하고 있다.

But these kids show no signs of stopping as they kept on choosing from their menus. At last, they decided on ordering grilled vegetable salad, grilled chicken sandwich, Mexican Chicken Quesadillas, ‘Morning After’ Burrito, spicy seafood pasta, aglio olio, salmon sandwich, crazy burger, various drinks and pancake. We often meet up with boy groups that look after their diet, just like most girl groups. But for BTOB, they were as excited as children, saying that, “It’s fun conducting the interview while able to eat delicious food”. Isn’t it more interesting to be together with people who eats well?

멋있는 비투비 or 귀여운 비투비 비투비는 때론 카리스마 넘치는 매력을, 때론 개구쟁이 같은 매력을 뽐낸다.

◆ “BTOB’s colors? We change to different colors like a chameleon!” 

“The album this time round has a thrilling yet good songs. ‘Thriller’ has a magnificent sound and a strong beat. It is lyrical yet emancipates a scary atmosphere. It talks about a love story whereby a prince search to rescue his princess from a demon. Although we have participated in the writing of our songs since our debut album, through this album, it seems like we have grown more maturer. All the members participated and all of us have a strong motivation. We even personally involved in the featuring or arrangement of the songs. During our blank period, we talked with producer-nims about songs and work with them. That’s why this is an album that we’re even more proud of.”

BTOB started their promotions on MBC ‘Show Champion’ on the 4th of September. They flaunted their contradictory charms through ‘When I was your Man’ and ‘Thriller’ stage. ‘Thriller’ was a strong charismatic dance song while ‘When I was your man’ portrayed their gentle charms. However, ‘When I was your man’ was a song that talks about their revengeful thoughts (?) on their ex-lover. We wonder if the members themselves have such experience, and the members immediately pointed to member Lee MinHyuk.

“I treated an ex-girlfriend of mine very well, but she wants to break up with me for many times. I kept on persuading her but I was the one who broke up with her later on. I always treated her well, but after I had delivered the break up and left coldly, she kept on contacting me. She said she regretted it. This happened few years back, but the experience helped me in singing this song.”

스릴러의 비투비와 남친돌 비투비 무대 위 비투비(위)는 강렬한 카리스마를 내뿜지만 일상에서는 영락없는 개구쟁이 일곱 명이다. /스포츠서울닷컴DB

BTOB who have debuted less than 2 years have been presenting their different abilities through ‘Insane’, ‘Father’, ‘WOW’, ‘Second Confession’ and more. We asked, “You were cute and sweet. but now you guys have become manlier. So what exactly is BTOB’s color?”, and the members replied, “Like a chameleon, we have diverse colors.” When asked how much they would evaluate themselves,”, each of them gave different scores like 30 or 50. Doing well in various genres, we can obviously feel their aspiration to be musically recognized idols.

“BTOB’s weapon is musicality, live and confidence. Up till now, we have been promoting with confidence and presenting our perfect lives on stage. We want to show our best to everyone. Not just performance stages, we want to sing and dance well too. Looking at our seniors of the same company (BEAST, 4minute and more), we are quite envious. But we want to rise slowly, rather than hastily. We want to climb up the stairs step by step but safely, so that we can truly feel the happiness when we really reach there. Also, as a junior group of our company, we want to be a group that senior groups won’t feel ashamed of.”

7인7색 우리는 비투비입니다! 비투비 육성재, 이창섭, 임현식, 이민혁, 정일훈, 프니엘, 서은광(왼쪽부터)이 각기 다른 얼굴로 팬들에게 인사하고 있다.

◆ 7 members 7 colors, Explore BTOB’s charms!

BTOB members enjoyed their meals throughout the interview. When asked if they would want to go to such restaurant often, the members answered will we have this chance?” The members of BTOB who eat well, we shall now reveal the charms of each members.

– ‘Timid leader NO, Attentive and kind older brother’ Seo Eunkwang (23) 

“I am placed 7th in my group. I always worried about others more than myself. The ‘leader’ position has two types. The first is one that leads while the second type is the one that is pushed to the front. I’m the latter type. So I’m really grateful to the members, for my dongsaengs respect me so that I can be matched up to be called as a leader. They followed my instructions well, and I’m really thankful and moved by them.”

“My role model is Kim BumSoo. I want to be the best vocalist (like him). I had the chance to be on the same radio show with Kim BumSoo sunbae. He sang a hidden track titled ‘기억을 걷다’ and I love it a lot. It was really blissful. But my vocal scores around 65. I’m still lacking a lot. If I were to choose a team as role model, then it would be god sunbaenims. Musically wise. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed, we hope to be a ‘Nation Group’ BTOB with music that appeal to the public.”

– ‘New generation versatile Sports-dol’ Lee MinHyuk (23)

“Last February, I participated in MBC ‘Idol Sports Championship’ and gained good results in the hurdles, sprint and many other categories. Actually, during this Chuseok special edition recordings, I don’t really have that confidence to retain the champion title. Without any burden, I did my best, so it turned out well for this year too. I was known through ‘Sports Championship’ and that naturally promotes BTOB. I feel proud with this.”

“Since debut, not just ‘Sports Championship’, I’ve been the most active member on variety programs. Since there are each things the members would want to go for, so the members were not envious of me. tvN ‘The Romantic’ was like a field trip to me, I went for the shoot happily but instead, I was being scolded as the bad guy (laughs). We actually enjoyed ourselves and got closer to each other.”

비투비 많이 사랑해주세요! 정일훈(위)과 이민혁은 비투비에서 개별 예능 프로그램 활동을 하며 팀을 알렸다. /MBC 뮤직 주간 아이돌, MBC 아육대 방송 캡처

– ‘The founder of Kiyomi Player’ Jung IlHoon (19)

“I have many individual activities such as variety programs and featuring but rather than my own effort, I think it’s because I have good lucks. As a rapper, I feel comfortable featuring for other artists. On ‘Weekly Idol’, I could show my personal talent ‘Kiyomi Player’ and that has gained loves from many. Coni-hyung and Doni-hyung treated me very well. They chose us as the idols that left a strong impression, and I’m really thankful for that.”

“Since young, I like Dynamic Duo. My first songs are all Dynamic Duo’s songs. So my role models are Dynamic Duos. The charms of my raps? Chewy raps? Whatever it is, I’m young so I think I have this refreshing charms (when I rap) lively lyrics.”

-‘An unimaginable man, A special member’ Lee Changsub (22) 

“Since high school era, I have always been preparing for music courses. I became a trainee when I was in my 3rd year in high school, but in reality, I don’t have a specific inspiration. It’s just that when I was 20 years old, I watched Michael Jackson’s concert DVD and dreamed of becoming a singer. I went to auditions thinking that I will fail so I tried it comfortably. I sang the song comfortably and dance frivolously. This are my charms. Are they special?”

“I’m the member who lifts the atmosphere. I think that we have to have such unique character in the group. A fun, lively and special member. Since it’s fun to make them laugh and make them happier. I often show my aegyo to my dongsaengs, but maknae Sungjae scolds at my aegyo. Just now as I ate my burrito, he suddenly scolds me too!”

저희는 음악성으로 인정받고 싶어요 데뷔 2년 차인 비투비는 음악과 무대로 인정받는 아이돌이 되겠다고 다짐했다.

– Im Hyunsik (21) who ‘dreams of becoming a capable singer writer’

“I often write and compose on my own, but I’m really happy to produce ‘Why’ with Lee Kikwang-hyung, which was also included in the album. It’s a song that differs from my style, so I’m even more satisfied with the song. All this while, it has been my goal to produce songs and have them included in the album, and I could finally realize this dream through this album. My next goal is to self-compose our title track, so I’ll work hard for it.”

“I have a strong greed musically. If I have a personal target, then it would be becoming a wonderful artist or musician. Actually, I draw and have a keen interest in fashion, but since I’m a singer first and foremost, I want to be a singer writer that gains recognition. Drawing or fashion will be my hobby.”

-‘The puppy that speaks English’ Peniel (20)

“I was born in America and started living in Korea since 2010. Still, my Korean language may be awkward but it’s fine to some extent. I enrolled in Hanyang International Studies and is currently on temporary leave after my first semester. So I didn’t really live a student’s life yet.”

“Before we debuted, the hardest part was the uncertainty of the future. Will I ever going to debut? Or will we do well? After debut, the most difficult part was definitely the cultural gap between Korea and America. But it was fortunate to have the members with me. I really hope that BTOB will get their first #1 award. What would I want to say to fans? ‘Thank you Thank you!”

-‘Maknae On TOP’ Yook Sungjae (18) 

“I’m the ‘last of BTOB’ Yook Sungjae. Since I’m the maknae, all the hyungs treat me well, especially Lee Changsub-hyung (laughs). If I have the chance to play Yaja Time? (T/N: Yaja Time is a game where formalities are dropped and they speak informally with each other) It’s fine. We usually speaks informally so…”

“I am the vocalist of the team. The advantage of my vocals is that it has an old charms that doesn’t match up to my age. The lower range of my voice sounds manly while my higher pitch sounds like a young teenager. For every stage, I always do my best.  I would look into the camera thinking they’re my girlfriend. This is my very own know-how. My role model is Kim DongRyul sunbae!”

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Seoul


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