[Sports Seoul] (Behind the Interview) ‘Food-dols’ BTOB have their eyes set on food

7인조 보이그룹 비투비가 <스포츠서울닷컴>이 마련한 브런치 데이트에서 푸짐한 음식을 마음껏 즐기고 있다. /임영무 기자

A few years ago, we met up with a male idol group for the first time and it was surprising. For some reasons, they have tender bodies and shapelier thigh lines, better than most girl groups. We didn’t want to point that out then, but today, in front of many delicious food, where were they who once did not move their chopsticks?

They should eat, so that they’ll look chubbier. That was the impression left by the seven members group, BTOB .On 12th September, we held our ‘SS Brunch Date’ Interview at ‘Nobel Cafe’. The members insisted on the ‘importance of management’ and if they don’t eat, they’ll somehow worry about it.

배고플 오후 1시. 비투비 멤버들은 맛있는 음식을 즐기며 유쾌한 인터뷰 분위기를 조성했다.

The first to entered was their agency representative. He smiled brightly as he spoke to the reporters, “Since they are having their meals while being interviewed, the children are very happy in their cars”. When asked if the members do not look after their diet, the agency representative responded, “Our members don’t diet. They manage their bodies naturally through dancing and working out,” he added.

The members who have arrived to the cafe gave their greetings and abruptly started to choose from their menus. Like children, the members select their meals without leaving their sight on the menu. And because there were many delicious food on the menu, it took longer than expected for them to choose their meal. With a tip, “Everything are good here, so just choose the menu picture that comes out well” the members quickly choose their dishes.

And the chosen dishes are grilled vegetable salad, grilled chicken sandwich, Mexican Chicken Quesadillas, ‘Morning After’ Burrito, spicy seafood pasta, aglio olio, salmon sandwich, crazy burger, various drinks and pancake. In the midst of our interview, delicious food kept approaching the table. Very too soon, the receipt turns out to be more than 30cm long.

맛있게 음식을 비운 비투비는 자신들을 식신돌로 불러달라며 활짝 웃었다.

Looking at Quesadillas, the members shouted ‘WooWaa’, and us who looked upon them, can’t help but to give them a motherly smile. The members couldn’t leave their sight away from their table. When asked which of them is the tastiest, each of them chose their own menus. Also, “Have you ever brought your girlfriend to a restaurant like this?”, the members answered, “We hope to do so. I wonder when we will have that chance”.

After a delicious meal, the members of BTOB themselves asked to be called as ‘Food-dols’ . Aren’t idols that eat well even prettier?

Please take out with full credits

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sport Seoul


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