[Herald Corp] Growing day by day, BTOB will surprise everyone (Interview)

BTOB set their steps into the entertainment industry with digital single album ‘Insane’ last year.

Today, they who filled with charisma and youthful charms are back with a strong look. BTOB released their 3rd mini album on 9th September. It was an album that shows the different sides of BTOB.

In particular, the 7 members of BTOB successfully transformed from their gentle image to one that shows their sexy maturity. Their performance stage further showcased their precise dance skills.

◆ We are no longer teenagers now

“We have prepared a lot for us to show a transformed look. We worked out as well. We can say that this is an album which BTOB has participated a lot in it. We contributed from its concept to lyrics writing and composing as well” – Eunkwang

The members personally took part in the production of songs, showing their vast musicality. ‘Why’ was also a song composed by both BEAST Lee Kikwang and BTOB member Im Hyunsik. Meanwhile, Lee MinHyuk and Jung IlHoon’s further enhanced the completeness of this song with their writing skills.

Just as how active they are in the production of the album, to BTOB, this is an album of a deeper meaning. In particular, to Hyunsik who produced his very first self-composed song.

“We actually intended on just one song, but having to include two songs was somehow amazing to me. The production of the song went well and I was able to express our own colors through it. In the future, I would want to attempt on producing a really sad song” – Hyunsik

This album was also a motivation for the members’ greed to show their vast musicality in their next albums as well.

The keyword for this title track is ‘Powerful’.

“It seems that we have yet to show a powerful look up till now. Therefore, in order to portray our masculinity the best , each of us have practiced really hard. You can feel it even with our hairstyle transformation” – Minhyuk

“We made our performance for this title track heavier and stronger. It has a demon-like vibe. There is a point choreograph that adds more fun to it. We have produced this song with an inspiration gained from director Tim Button’s production. The choreograph buries an atmosphere like in the movie ‘Ghost Bride’ and ‘The Nightmare before Christmas.” – Eunkwang

◆ To gain recognition musically. That’s our aim.

BTOB is an idol group that showcases both singing and producing skills.

“Although we care a lot about our visual looks, we hope to be a BTOB that does their best at live performances. We don’t want to be limited to performance stages. We place a strong weight on live skills too. If we are able to emancipate that ‘They can do good in singing too’ vibe, then we’ll consider ourselves as successful.”  – IlHoon

BTOB have faith and confidence in the growth of their own producing capabilities. And that makes them fully aware that they have to work more diligently to reach their goals.

But with the sprouting of idol groups lately, the results and expectations varies by a large length. It has become a commonplace for idols to be called ‘incapable’. However, it has been a year since their debut, and since BTOB’s future road are long and far, it is hard to predict their results.

At one point, the members were impatient with their greed. But now, they laid those down and instead, they try to have fun on stage.

“It was serious last year. Now we don’t want to be hasty. We feel that rising up slowly is a good thing too. Won’t we be even happier when we really rise to the top spot then?”  – Hyunsik

“The frog squats before it jumps further. We think that BTOB will have to do (like frogs) to achieve that era. In order to jump higher, we will squat and hone our skills better.” – Changsub

The members of BTOB are all diligent in their work. They have their reasons to be low-profile, and they have their reason to rise higher, and that’s why they are always busy. Those come from their faith and confidence to be able to do well in the future.

“It has been a long time since we last stand on stage. We’re very grateful that many came and show their support for us. There was a sense of relief and encouragement through fans’ cheers. We felt the excitement too. We know that it’s a really happy thing to stand on stage again.” – BTOB

◆ It’s safe to anticipate BTOB

BTOB are quite popular overseas as well. In Thailand, BTOB are welcomed by fans since their arrival, till the extent that it caused a difficulty to move in the airport. Local fans even sang the song in Korean and coverage from the local media was well-received too.

BTOB was amazed to see such situation, not forgetting their grateful greetings.

“As a Korean, I feel proud. We were shocked to see fans came to support us. That helped us to grow more self-confidence and gain more strength. In particular, when we weren’t able to see fans during our blank period, our energy grow and we practice even harder.” – Sungjae

“It felt like as singers, we often gain strength starting from fans. There are times where we felt tired spending the night working on schedules, but seeing fans waiting outside for a long period and giving their cheers make us stronger.” – Peniel

BTOB grows in capabilities, internally and externally. Rather than growing individually, BTOB grows as a team.

“Our thoughts, in particular, our self-management has become more thorough. We always think that we have to show our best and fittest look to everyone.” – Hyunsik

As time passes and as dreams become bigger, the members grow closer to each other.

“Our goal has been large since our debut. All the members are aiming for the top together. We do not focus on one place but we want to produce songs we want to sing as we grow older.” – Eunkwang

“Also, more than the future, we want to focus more on the present. We feel that understanding precisely and focusing on the current circumstances is an important thing to do right now. If we want to go further towards our dreams, we have to do our best now. That’s why we will put on a good stage for every performances.” – Changsub

BTOB who wants to do music that they like, and they who do music so that to gain recognition as singers, are the goals of the whole BTOB members.

“We want to come out with albums, everyone of them of high quality. Up till now, it has been like that, in the future too, we want to rise in an orderly manner. One day, we will be showing a BTOB that will grow this- big!” – Changsub

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Herald Corp



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