[The Star] BTOB Peniel, “If you want to wake me up? You have to wake up earlier than me”

신곡 '스릴러'로 컴백한 비투비(BTOB)의 멤버 프니엘 / 사진 : 포토그래퍼 이제성 민트스튜디오 mintstudio.com

BTOB has recently struck the entertainment industry with their latest title track ‘Thriller’, appealing with their charming masculinity. This is the first time BTOB took on a strong concept. In order to grab as many hearts as possible, BTOB has prepared a special comeback interview of BTOB Manual with The Star. Next up, the more you look at him, the cuter Peniel is!

Peniel Manual 01. If you want to wake me up
▶ You have to wake up earlier than me

Peniel is a morning-hyung that wakes up as soon as the alarm rings. In their early debut days, Peniel was the one who wakes all the members up but now Peniel says he knows which member to wake first. Usually, Peniel would wake up an hour earlier before they head out to their shop (salon). Peniel will prepare himself in a relaxed manner and have his breakfast. Other members eat breakfast as well, but Peniel who came from America mainly eats cereal and bread. Lately, he eats cereal, bananas and yogurts as well.

Peniel Manual 02. When you have something to ask from me
▶ I’ll consider when you ask with a ‘Please’


If you add ‘Please’ to a request, Peniel would lend a helping hand. It’s not that he will fulfill every request but he will try to do so if the request is polite. Any requests with ‘Please’ and politely asked perhaps may have a 50% success rate from Peniel?

신곡 '스릴러'로 컴백한 비투비(BTOB)의 멤버 프니엘

Peniel Manual 03. If you want to be close with me
▶ That’s easy! Just talk to me whenever we meet.

Peniel would get close to someone unfamiliar if they often meet up. He said, because of his origin from America, he’s a person that would easily opens up his heart to people, therefore, he gets close to them very fast. Compared to his debut days, when he was facing difficulty in the Korean language, he now communicates more freely now. In this interview too, Peniel showed his friendliness too.

Peniel Manual 04. If you were to meet me
▶ Greet me with an American-style handshake.

What is an American hand-style handshake? It’s nothing special actually. Just shake the other person’s hand will do. In Korea, we shake with our friends or someone younger and bow to those who are older as to show respect. But for Peniel who stayed in America, he feels that having a handshake felt closer. Peniel said that he’s comfortable with a handshake and that will make him feel closer to someone.

Peniel Manual 05.If I receive a message
▶ I’m good at this. Just ask me a question.

Peniel reveals that he’ll immediately reply a text message. Twitter is a platform for them to communicate with fans. We wonder how Peniel would reply a message. Peniel explains, “As long as we grow closer, that’s possible” and with a bright smile, “We often have mention parties but as much as I want to reply to each of them, I can’t. So I would just pick randomly, and work hard to reply as many as possible”, he answered. He might not give a special reply but to people he’s close with, he would reply immediately.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: The Star


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