[OSEN] BTOB Eunkwang’s ‘Broad’ charms

Under the same house as BEAST, 4minute, there is rookie group by the name of BTOB. Take note of this group who will soon stand on the axis of the KPOP world. The more you know their charms, the more these charms will overflow. In particular, Seo Eunkwang’s charms are beyond imagination.

The point of Seo Eunkwang’s charm is ‘broad’. There are two things in which Eunkwang is ‘broad’ at. One is when he hits the high notes, and the other is definitely when he laughs. Being the main vocalist of the team, Seo Eunkwang laughs a lot, and that is why he has ‘broad’ charms.

For now, we shall unfold the ‘broad’ charms of leader Seo Eunkwang!

#. Read ‘Seo Eunkwang’ as 볼매 (The more you look at him, the charmer he is)

Debuted March last year, BTOB has been a hot topic for becoming a group that links to BEAST. BTOB’s support further came from their vocal capabilities. And the figure that contributes a large portion of vocals is none other than Seo Eunkwang, who possesses a broad vocal range.

Although he is the eldest in the team, Eunkwang leaves lots of cute messages to fans through BTOB’s official SNS, not forgetting to show lots of bizarre expressions and poses that easily makes one laugh.

Standing on stage, he showcases his explosive vocals. Off stage, Seo Eunkwang appeals to fans like a friendly Oppa. And, that’s the reason why fans read Seo Eunkwang as ‘볼매’


#. Eunkwang’s aegyo attack and horror

One of Eunkwang’s charms is none other than his aegyo. But most of his aegyos come with a horror effect. He may be the leader of BTOB, but Eunkwang often puts that position down and throws some aegyo with his ‘Huk’ sound.

Every time that happens, members would go “Eunkwang-hyung’s aegyo is scary even in our dreams”, jokingly showing their close relationship.

#. What are rejects? I’m a humble icon

Eunkwang is a person that does not get angry easily. As a leader, he has a concerned personality but when you asked him, he’d say, “The members know my personality well, so I don’t have much problems”. Indeed, this man comes with a kind personality.

Eunkwang is known for his modesty and at the same time, his nosiness (?). At the waiting room filled with idols waiting to go on music programs, Eunkwang will play a role like the President of Women, and introduce himself to idols he’s not close with. When asked why he does so, he said, “Isn’t it better to know each other?”, answering with his innocent smile.

# The woman who marries me will be blissful!

On a rainy day recently, BTOB has held an interview with OSEN. We met up with Eunkwang. We asked about his views on love relationships. His first words were, “The women that dates me will definitely be very happy,” his strong self confidence will surely gain loves from females.

However, unfortunate(?) Eunkwang had just one girlfriend during his school days. Self-proclaimed ‘pure guy’ said that he was too sad to do anything after the breakup. And that’s the reason why he’s careful when looking for a girlfriend now.

“I’m that all-in style when it comes to love relationships. Like an idiot. I’m definitely far from being a bad guy. If I have a person that I love, I will really make her a happy woman. But I’m really careful when it comes to love now. Haha”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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