[Newsen] BTOB holds online press conference across 5 Asian countries

Boy group BTOB has held a live press conference with media outlets across 5 Asian countries.

On the 13th September, BTOB held the live conference with Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia. BTOB gathered media outlets from these 5 countries and started the press conference through a live broadcast.

Previously BTOB has been touring around Asia and held various activities such as fan meets, appearance on broadcast stations. As such, BTOB fandoms in these countries continue to grow bigger. In conjunction with their comeback, BTOB met up with media outlets from these 5 countries.

Asia medias that meets up with BTOB after a year focus their questions mostly on BTOB’s dramatic image for their comeback track ‘Thriller’. In particular, their performance and vocal capabilities gained good compliments, such as ‘It felt like BTOB has been preparing diligently just for the stage’ from local medias.

Meanwhile, BTOB’s title track ‘Thriller’ distinctively shows both rapper lines and vocal lines’ capabilities.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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